Penetrators MC Series by Devyn Douglas (.ePUB)

Penetrators MC Series by Devyn Douglas (.ePUB)

Penetrators MC Series by Devyn Douglas (Books 1-3)
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Overview: Devyn Douglas is the edgier, more erotic alter ego of Cara Carnes. She resides in Austin, Texas where she writes in assorted genres, from contemporary to sci-fi.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Book 1 – Taken by the MC
Sometimes you have to get dirty…
There’s no one dirtier than the local MC.
Harmony’s used to her mom’s BS hitting her doorstep. She’s mastered saving her mom’s ass, but her latest stunt might get them both killed. The local drug dealer, as well as the Mexican Mafia, want blood. Unfortunately, the sexy MC President wants more from Harmony. To keep them both breathing, she’ll work off the debt—on her knees. A slave to the MC.
No one was ever supposed to find out about Harmony’s darkest fantasies—but the Penetrators MC has, and they intend to fulfill every dirty detail.

Book 2 – Slave to the MC
Harmony’s newfound service to the Penetrators MC wasn’t anything more than a way to work off her mom’s debt and keep them breathing, out of trouble. The more she explores her submissive nature as a slave to the MC, the more she craves the carnal desires they awaken. Walking away isn’t an option.
She soon discovers her sexual awakening comes with a high price, one she’s more than willing to pay. She’d intended to earn her freedom. So why does she feel more free now, on her knees, serving the Penetrators Masters, than ever before?

Book 3 – Loved by the MC
Harmony’s entire world has collapsed. She must find a way to move on. Live. Alone. Or so she thought.
The Penetrators MC doesn’t sit on the sidelines and let chaos unfold. They are the chaos. Lost and overwhelmed by the unfolding events, Harmony seeks the comfort and security submission offers, trusting her Master to make it all go away. Uncertain what the future holds, she clings to the now, the pleasure she finds with those he trusts.
But the time for fun and games has ended. Harmony must make some decisions. What does she want? Who?

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