Parkwood Protectors Series by MJ Adams (.ePUB)

Parkwood Protectors Series by MJ Adams (.ePUB)

Parkwood Protectors Series by MJ Adams (1-3)
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Overview: MJ Adams is an emerging sweet, slow-burn reverse harem romance author. She has a love for good books, good coffee, and men in uniform. Her Parkwood Protectors Reverse Harem Romance series is just beginning.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


1. Her Ranger Rescuers – They came to rescue me from the nightmare that was my life. I thought I was unloveable…they’re going to prove me wrong.
Cora Middleton had it all—a Hollywood home in the hills with perfect ocean views, a great job, and an adoring husband. At least that’s what the press reported when she got abducted.
Behind closed doors, Cora often had to beg her movie producer husband for food and endure terrible emotional and physical abuse. When she finally gets the courage to talk to a lawyer, the woman gives her a card with a name and phone number on it.
Parkwood Academy. That’s it. Nothing else.
A week later, Max Ellis blows into LA and has Cora in the back of an SUV with three other men before she can even blink. They’re there to take her away from this life to start a new one at Parkwood Academy in the mountains of Colorado. Once there, Cora meets the rest of Max’s team—Luke Holt and Isaac Ramsey.
The three ex-Army Rangers and best friends are tasked with protecting her, teaching her how to survive on her own under a new name and in a new city, and…showing her how to love again. That’s never been part of their deal before, but Max, Luke, and Isaac are ready for something new in their lives—and it could be Cora.
As they work together, Cora finds herself drawn to each man specifically. All three. She couldn’t even handle one husband, but their planning sessions turn toward building a new life together for all four of them.
But Parkwood has rules and regulations that have never been broken. Not to mention the terrifying Grand Master who asks a lot of questions and seems to know everything that happens at the Academy.
There are dozens of obstacles in her way, but Cora wants a new life with Max, Luke, and Isaac in it. Will they be able to outsmart the Academy? Or will Cora be forced to abandon the three men she’s growing to love in order to stay alive?

2. Her Soldier Saviors – They pulled me from a burning building and took me somewhere I don’t want to be. Maybe it’s for my own good. Maybe they really will be my saviors…
Cimony Woods isn’t afraid of the drug cartel. She’s made it through the trial that put the crime boss away, and she’s back at work, fighting for the rights of immigrants, women, and children.
But she’s tired of living in fear, in an apartment that used to be a dentist’s office. She’s got the card from the Witness Protetion agents with Parkwood Academy on it, but she hasn’t called yet.
When a friend takes bullets meant for her, she calls. And when her building explodes, she’s not sure why she’s still in El Paso.
Jonas Lyons and his brothers had to put together an emergency extraction team, and that takes time. He shows up with his team just before the bomb goes off in Cimony’s building, and they manage to get her out. Finally safe in Colorado at Parkwood Academy, Jonas passes the shaken Cimony to his brothers, Jeremiah and James.
But safe is a relative term, and things at Parkwood are anything but tranquil. The three retired Army soldiers have to follow new rules and keep old ones at the same time. They’ve been in stressful situations with their lives on the line before, but it feels wrong to still be playing that game.
Together, they determine that they’ll get away from Parkwood with Cimony when the time comes. She wants to help them the same way she’s helped other oppressed people, and her law degree comes in handy as she starts to research Parkwood and its foundations.
As the pieces come together, Cimony finds herself attracted to each of the brothers. All of them are orphans, and Jonas, Jeremiah, and James have long considered finding one woman they could spend their lives with. With solid plans in place, now all they have to do is outwit the mysterious new General in charge at Parkwood Academy…
Will Cimony be able to have her happily-ever-after with her soldier saviors? Or will she have to part ways with the brothers in order to survive?

3. Her Pilot Protectors – I used to be their boss…their protector. But the tables have turned, and we’ll all need each other to get away from the Academy for good…
Lucinda Ramsey used to hold all the power at Parkwood Academy. She had dozens of men at her command, and she helped countless women and children in need. Until the money ran out. Until someone wanted Parkwood and all the good they did to disappear.
So she did what she had to in order to keep the Academy open for as long as she could. When the money dried up, she found a new source of seemingly unending cash. She didn’t know she was getting in bed with the most ruthless people on the planet.
She didn’t know she’d be taken from Parkwood and tortured. And she never dreamed she’d end up back at the place she’d built…but also hates.
She wants out, but she knows better than to think she can just walk away. She once had a relationship with Nathan Blackburn, a former Air Force pilot who works as a protector at the Academy. When she returns to Parkwood, she makes sure she’s assigned to Nathan and his team, Miles Glenn and Clayton Massey. As old feelings rekindle, Cindi thinks she might have a chance to get out of Parkwood for good—and take her pilot protectors with her.
But as deep into the infrastructure of the Academy as she’s been, Cindi knows she, Nate, Miles, and Clay will have to outsmart the most intelligent—and most dangerous—people in order to truly be free… Can Cindi get her happily-ever-after with her pilot protectors? Or will everything she’s ever wanted burn to the ground—again?

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3. Her Pilot Protectors


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