Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria series by Patti Benning (.ePUB)

Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria series by Patti Benning (.ePUB)

Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria series by Patti Benning (#10-24,33-35,39,41-42)
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Overview: Patti Benning is a new cozy writer climbing up the charts with her Darling Deli Series and Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria Series.
Genre: Cozy Mystery


Fiesta Pizza Murder (#10) Things at Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria are going well. Owner, Eleanora Pacelli, is proud that the little restaurant has grown and thrived under her management. Not only is Ellie succeeding in business; her relationship with the town’s sheriff is blossoming, and she’s beginning to hope that they might have a real future together. When Russell’s parents come to town unexpectedly, Ellie is excited to meet them. Unfortunately, his mother’s first impression of her isn’t a good one. She’s just thinking things can’t get any worse when a body is found, the body of someone with whom Ellie had gotten into an argument the day before. As Eleanor tries to uncover the killer, she begins to doubt her relationship with the sheriff, just as people around town begin to doubt her.

Garlic Artichoke Murder (#11) Wedding bells are pealing madly, and Eleanora Pacelli has some important and potentially life-changing decisions to make in the near future, but she isn’t sure whether or not she wants her life to change. She’s happy being the owner of her late grandfather’s former business, Papa Pacelli’s, the best pizza joint in town, and her relationship with Kittiport’s sheriff, Russell Ward, is going well. Life, as far as she is concerned, is as near to perfect as it can get and she doesn’t think that she’s ready to risk jeopardizing her current situation. Change is coming for Ellie, whether she is ready for it or not, and how she handles it can set her course for a lifetime. When a joyful celebration culminates in the death of a friend, Ellie grapples with the shock of loss, and the toll that it takes on her closest relationships. With a killer stalking the streets of Kittiport once again, she realizes just how fragile both life and love can be.

On the Wings of Murder (#12) Eleanora Pacelli and her grandmother embark on a last-minute summer trip to Florida after a particularly stressful week at home in Kittiport. They are both looking forward to a nice, relaxing week in the sun, but things go downhill fast when the elderly Ann Pacelli vanishes from the hotel without a trace. In the search for her missing grandmother, Ellie makes new friends and stumbles upon a new business opportunity that might change Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria forever. With a deadline inching ever closer, she has to rely on the kindness and help of complete strangers to have any hope of finding Nonna before it’s too late.

Mozzarella and Murder (#13) Eleanora Pacelli is back in Maine after a much-needed and well-deserved vacation in Miami. She’s looking forward to picking up her pets from the pet sitter, settling in at home, and seeing Russell Ward, Kittiport’s sheriff and her boyfriend. Still reeling from the events of the past week, Ellie is very much looking forward to a nice, quiet homecoming. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for her to realize that peace and quiet is something that she may not have for quite a while. After the startling discovery of a body, Ellie’s family is endangered in a manner that no one expected. After one of them witnesses a crime, it seems the killer will go to any lengths to silence them…permanently.

A Thin Crust of Murder (#14) Pizzeria owner Eleanora Pacelli’s plate is full, as she prepares to open her second restaurant. The busy go-getter is also consumed with thoughts of an upcoming engagement announcement, and a best friend who is behaving more than a bit oddly. Imagine her dismay when, on top of it all, she discovers that a new restaurant is opening soon, just a couple of blocks away! Determined to start out on the right foot with the owner of Hot Diggity Dog, the new hot dog shop in town, Ellie decides to stop by with a gift and introduce herself. Her well-intentioned errand goes horribly awry, however, when she inadvertently discovers a body in the new restaurant. Not knowing whom to trust, Ellie and the sheriff discreetly try to puzzle out what happened, and who the killer could be. Kittiport once again has a murderer roaming the streets…who will be the next victim if the duo doesn’t solve the mystery in time?

Pretzel Pizza Murder (#15) Eleanora Pacelli’s life in Kittiport, Maine, has settled into a comfortable routine. She’s happy, if sometimes a little bit too busy for her liking. Her circumstances change, however, when an unexpected visitor shows up at her home, claiming not only to be a relative, but to have a stake in the family business. With Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria and her livelihood on the line, the one person who could have helped her is brutally murdered, and Ellie doesn’t know where to turn or what to do when a scheming relative tries to take over the pizzeria. If she doesn’t come up with a plan quickly, her life may never be the same, and her future is shaky at best.

Parmesan Pizza Murder (#16) Eleanora Pacelli is doing her best to keep up with the whirlwind that is her life. Juggling a fiancé, a full-time job, and the looming opening of a second restaurant isn’t easy, and she just has to keep reminding herself that things will calm down – eventually. The frantic pace of Ellie’s life is brought crashing to a halt when someone she knew personally is found dead in what first looks to be an accident, but swiftly reveals itself to be something more. Ellie, along with the entire Papa Pacelli’s crew, is shocked at the loss of one of their own, and she will rest at nothing to track down the person responsible and make sure they answer for the murder that they committed.

Breakfast Pizza Murder (#17) After months of stressful planning, it’s finally time for Eleanora Pacelli to open her new restaurant. Leaving Maine behind, she and her friends fly to Florida for the grand opening of her second Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria location. At first an overwhelming success, her new restaurant is soon crippled by disaster when a customer is found dead. Ellie can only hope that the murderer isn’t one of her new employees, as she struggles to solve the crime before the pizzeria’s reputation is wrecked. While she races against the clock to find a killer, she also has to come to terms with a permanent change in her personal life when she says a tearful goodbye to a member of her own family.

Halloween Pizza Murder (#18) Eleanora Pacelli is back from Florida, and is looking forward to celebrating Halloween at home in Maine. With the second Papa Pacelli’s grand opening out of the way, she’s ready to start focusing on her upcoming wedding, and is looking forward to spending some quality time with friends. When a brutal murder happens not far from her house only days after she gets back, the entire town of Kittiport is shocked. Even more frightening, Ellie swears that she saw the victim… hours after she had already been killed. When she sees the mysterious woman in white again, she is convinced that she has seen a ghost, and is determined to help the victim find peace by solving the crime herself.

Thanksgiving Pizza Murder (#19) With her grandmother in Florida and Russell’s brother and sister-in-law going out of town for the holiday, Eleanora Pacelli is looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving dinner with Kittiport’s sheriff. All of that changes when a handful of unexpected guests show up at her house, including her ex-fiance, Kenneth Aubrey. Thinking that things couldn’t possibly get any worse, Ellie realizes how wrong she is when a body turns up in the marina. The victim is someone she was close to, and she tells herself that she will stop at nothing to find the killer, but when the evidence begins to point towards someone she loves, she begins to think that there are some mysteries that are better left unsolved.

Christmas Pizza Murder (#20) It’s Christmas in Kittiport, and Eleanora Pacelli is looking forward to spending the holiday with her fiancé and his family. However, when a stranger is spotted around town asking for her cousin, Ellie sees her hopes for a relaxing holiday begin to slip away from her. She doesn’t know if she’ll be able to solve a month-old murder in time to prove her cousin’s innocence, and as the clues reveals themselves, Ellie begins to wonder if Darlene has been telling the truth about anything since she showed up on her doorstep the month before.

A Crispy Slice of Murder (#21) It’s a new year, and Eleanor Pacelli is looking forward to making it her best one yet. In a couple of weeks she’ll be marrying the man of her dreams, and her best friend is just months away from welcoming her first child into the world. Ellie’s storybook life comes crashing to a halt when her soon-to-be brother in law goes missing. When she receives a note from the kidnapper, she has only hours to meet his demands. If the young bride-to-be makes one mistake, James might pay for it with his life.

Lobster Pizza Murder (#22) Eleanora Pacelli’s pleasant weekend is shattered when a horrific car accident spins right into her front yard. She reached the victim in time to hear his final words; a claim that his accident wasn’t an accident at all, but murder. Ellie tries desperately to get to the bottom of the incident and figure out what really happened, but is stumped when all signs point away from foul play. When the evidence says one thing, but her gut and the dying words of the victim say another, what’s a gal to do?

Pizza, Weddings, and Murder (#23) Eleanora Pacelli is only days away from exchanging wedding vows with her fiancé; Russell Ward, the handsome sheriff of Kittiport. With pre-wedding jitters in full swing, the last thing she needs is for something to go wrong. When disaster strikes, Ellie is wholly unprepared. The death of a woman who looks just like her shakes her to the core. A string of unfortunate incidents follows in the aftermath, and she’ll need the help of those closest to her to figure out whether she is just unlucky, or if someone is really trying to sabotage her wedding – and is willing to kill her in the process.

Pizza, Paradise, and Murder (#24) Just days after her wedding, Eleanora and her new husband, Russell Ward, are preparing to leave for a two week long honeymoon in a tropical paradise. A last-minute call forces a change of plans, and the two find themselves making a detour for Florida. The situation is even worse than they could have imagined, and it seems like the second pizzeria is once again a target. Devastated by a friend’s death, Ellie puts her honeymoon on hold and does everything she can to find the killer before someone else get hurt, or worse.

A Melted Morsel of Murder (#33) There’s no place like home… Ellie Ward’s sweet Nonna is moving home again, but first, her tenants have to vacate the premises. When doing the final walk-through to make certain that the house is ready, and that the cleaning team did a thorough job, Ellie makes a gruesome discovery…a body! When the police fail to confirm the identity of the victim and all of their suspects have alibies, Ellie realizes that something very unusual is going on, and puts her amateur sleuth cap firmly in place. In her quest for the truth, the talented pizza maker uncovers a long criminal history, and a person who will do anything to keep their secrets buried. Will she survive long enough to roll out the daily special?

A Saucy Taste of Murder (#34) Some people will do just about anything for money. With spring beginning to thaw out northern Maine and her grandmother moving back home, pizza shop owner, Eleanora Ward, is in high spirits. She doesn’t think twice before agreeing to sell pizzas for a local fundraiser, and even donates a sizeable sum in addition. When the person in charge of collecting the money for the fundraiser is found dead and the money turns up missing, Ellie, along with all the other folks in town, is outraged at the crime. With some help from her family, she begins connecting the dots and soon realizes that what looked like a simple theft gone wrong, may have had a different motivation altogether.

A Crunchy Crust of Murder (#35) Sometimes lady luck smiles upon us… And sometimes she gets us killed. Popular pizzeria owner, Eleanora Ward, loves her customers, and is a bit worried when a young man comes in, loudly bragging about having won the lottery. Her worst fears are realized when the man turns up dead, the victim of what looks like a simple car burglary gone wrong. Convinced that his death was anything but random, Ellie works together with her family, friends and employees to try and unravel the truth about the young man’s untimely demise.

A Jingle of Murder (#39) Being snowed in… Is better than being six feet under! When pizzeria owner, and amateur sleuth, Eleanora Ward’s, Christmas plans go awry, thanks to a record-setting snowstorm, she tries her very best to remain positive, and is determined to not let the weather ruin her whole holiday. At the very least, she’ll still be able to have a nice, quiet Christmas at home with her husband and in-laws. But the town of Kittiport, Maine isn’t as quiet as it seems, and a daring murder on the night of the storm rocks the townsfolk to their core. With the police out of options, Ellie, and her new friend Susie, take it upon themselves to get to the bottom of the mystery before the snow clears. Will the killer beat the storm and escape before Ellie and Susie add up all of the clues?

Oregano Meatball Murder (#41) Keep on trucking takes on a whole new meaning… When there’s a body in the truck. Pizzeria owner and amateur sleuth, Eleanora Ward, has had more than enough of the grey skies and frigid temperatures of winter. Her small town of Kittiport, Maine, has been buried in blankets of snow for far too long, and Ellie is on a restless hunt for something to do, that will take her mind off of the cold. Ellie gets more than she bargained for, when she inexplicably finds a body in her husband, Russell’s truck one icy morning. Swept up in the midst of a confusing and confounding murder case, she finds more questions than answers, but refuses to give up. With Russell’s job on the line, the clock is ticking, and Ellie knows that she has to solve the case before it’s too late.

Rosemary Lamb Murder (#42)
Sometimes getting away from it all…Can land you in hot water! When pizzeria owner and amateur sleuth, Eleanora Ward’s, sister-in-law wins a contest that includes all-inclusive passes to a spa retreat in Arizona, she and Ellie decide to take two of their closest friends and make a vacation out of it. A few days of relaxation somewhere warm sounds perfectly sublime, after a few long months during a Northern Maine winter. The trip isn’t quite as relaxing as the ladies had hoped, and the foursome finds themselves caught up in the middle of a mystery, when a spa guest is murdered shortly after their arrival. When one of the party is accused of being the killer, the ladies work together to try and solve the crime. Can they catch a killer before their friend goes to jail?

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