Panty Droppers series by Tigra-Luna LeMar (.ePUB)

Panty Droppers series by Tigra-Luna LeMar (.ePUB)

Panty Droppers series by Tigra-Luna LeMar (Books 1~3)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 437 KB
Overview: Tigra-Luna lives in Canada where she is finishing up university. She loves CFL football, hockey, baseball, crime TV shows. She loves acting, writing and enjoying sunny days outside with her camera (film—none of that digital stuff). She loves hearing from readers so look for her on facebook and myspace!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Fast Girls are True: Jonica “Jon” Samuels is a woman that knows what she wants in life. The problem is, it seems the world is conspiring against her. She wants to become the first female motorcycle racer to qualify and win the Shinobi Grand Prix. No business will sponsor her and she cannot run her cycle without a sponsor–she’s barely making ends meet as is. When Derrick Bridger offers to sponsor her, she feels like the luckiest woman alive–that is until the sexy businessman begins to seep beneath her skin.

Shakin’ It For Daddy: Mika Jamison’s dream of becoming a Showgirl of Simora is over. Not only that, she lives in a crummy apartment, works a crappy job as a waitress in a small town where everyone hates her. How can life possibly get any worse? ‘
Add Degan Moira to the mix and you get more than trouble.
Degan Moira is a man on a mission–find the only woman he’s ever remotely felt human around, make her see that he’s the only man that can love her the way she deserves to be loved and live happily ever after.
But will he still love Mika when he sees that she’s grown into a bitter, angry woman with nothing to her name?

Comforts of a Man: Allison’s daughter Emily is heading off to college and Allison’s husband is heading off to Fresno with a younger model. Feeling like she’s let herself go, Allison is perfectly willing to be a shadow of her former self until a craving for Jamaican food led her into the path of the sexy, ex-marine, Logan Montgomery. He is so out of her league–but so damn tempting.
Logan Montgomery may be young but he knows a good thing when he sees it. And Allison Jackman–made his mouth water. But the woman have some issues left behind from her jerk of an ex and he isn’t sure he can breakthrough them. But what is he to do the fire burning within him for her?

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