Orchid Valley series by Lexi Ryan (.ePUB)+

Orchid Valley series by Lexi Ryan (.ePUB)+

Orchid Valley series by Lexi Ryan (#0.5-1)
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Overview: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of emotional romance that sizzles, Lexi enjoys reading, sunshine, a good glass of wine, and rare trips to the beach.
Genre: Romance


Every Little Promise (#0.5): One night in Vegas. One shot at a second chance.
When I fell in love with Brinley Knox, she was the spoiled daughter of the wealthiest family in Orchid Valley. I was the troublemaker orphan, brought to town to find the straight and narrow.
She was the homecoming princess. I was the hired help.
She was the perfect daughter. I was the cautionary tale.
We were young enough to think we could beat the odds. Naïve enough to think the world would make room for true love. Neither of us was prepared for the bitter cold of reality.
I haven’t seen her for ten years. Until tonight.
Face-to-face with a woman who should be a stranger, I recognize the heart of the girl I never stopped loving.
She’s giving me one night. I’m betting everything on making it more.

Every Little Piece of Me (#1): It’s not every day you’re invited to your wife’s wedding . . . as a guest.
The first time I saw Brinley Knox, she was crying, draped in a ridiculous pink tulle dress for her sweet sixteen, and cursing the boy who’d broken
her heart.
I was the hired help, a teenage charity case.
She was the daughter of the wealthiest family in Orchid Valley.
I knew a girl like Brinley was off-limits. That didn’t stop me from kissing her. Or from promising that if she were ever mine, I’d never let her go.

The last time I saw Brinley, she was sleeping, tangled in the sheets of my Vegas penthouse, my diamond glittering on her finger.
I returned three hours later to an empty bed, the ring on the dresser, and a goodbye note.
We haven’t spoken in the six months since, but I’m not the kind of guy who’d file for a divorce he doesn’t want.
Until I got this damn invitation, it never occurred to me that Brinley didn’t remember our impulsive Vegas nuptials.
It’s time to return to Orchid Valley and remind the bride-to-be that I’m a man who keeps his promises.
Every Little Piece of Me is a sexy, standalone second-chance romance in New York Times bestselling author Lexi Ryan’s all-new Orchid Valley series.

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