One More by Daisy May (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

One More by Daisy May (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

One More by Daisy May
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 591 KB
Overview: “My husband and I have been happy for so long. Can our relationship handle one more?”

Reuben has a law degree, dammit. He shouldn’t be slinging coffee for annoying customers. Determined to find a better job, he contacts an attorney on a networking website. As soon as he and Jasper meet, Reuben develops a crush on the distinguished older man – but he’s also well aware of the ring on Jasper’s finger.

Online, Jasper was intrigued by the newly-minted lawyer’s innocent face. In person, he’s entranced by Reuben’s passion and idealism. Yes, Jasper’s been happily married for fifteen years… but he and his husband also have an “arrangement,” and he knows Charlie’s weakness for sweet young twinks.

When Jasper suggests the three of them get together, Reuben nervously agrees. A threesome with two mature men will be the wildest thing he’s ever done. Jasper’s just so irresistible, and Reuben is sure Jasper’s husband is just as good-looking. He doesn’t realize Charlie is his least favorite regular from the coffee shop.

Will Jasper and Charlie be able to spend a hot night with Reuben? And if they do, could three-way passion become a love to last a lifetime?
Genre: Fiction > Erotic > Romance > GLBT > Gay > MMM > Menage


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