On the Hunt by VJ Fitz Howard (.ePUB)

On the Hunt by VJ Fitz Howard (.ePUB)

On the Hunt by VJ Fitz Howard (Shrimp & Grit Book 1)
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Overview: “If you want true love, darlin’, you’ve got to fight for it!”

Tami Vaduva, the most decorated female soldier in U.S. Army history, is on a mission. Her commanding officer—a dashing U.S. Army colonel and certified “Southern Gentleman”— impregnates her on his last night of active duty, hours before a military helicopter whisks him out of an Afghan combat zone.

Determined to break a curse of single motherhood that has plagued the women of her family for centuries, Tami tracks the retired colonel to his estate in the genteel horse country surrounding Charlottesville, Virginia.

A master of military dark arts, she deploys covert operations, surveillance tactics, deception and PsyOps in her quest to “capture” the colonel—and the wedding ring for which she longs. But after four combat tours fighting jihadists and insurgents, she is about to confront her most ruthless enemy yet: old money southern snobs determined to prevent her from climbing over the gilded walls of their high-society citadel.

In this hopelessly romantic, often hilarious, and unapologetically bawdy first novel in the SHRIMP & GRIT series, Tami discovers if her lifelong search for true love is indeed, as one of her fortune-telling ancestors once told her, “in the cards.”
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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