On His Turf by Jennifer Watts (.ePUB)

On His Turf by Jennifer Watts (.ePUB)

On His Turf by Jennifer Watts
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Overview: Carmelina Dahl is used to taking care of herself. Growing up on the poor side of Austin with a drunk for a mother gave her little other choice. But she’s worked hard to get ahead and now at twenty-six years old her sole focus is on creating a white-picket-fence-life of her own. Shane Mitchell is the golden boy goalkeeper for Austin United who’s known for his hard partying ways and his love of playing the field – in more ways than one. So when Carmelina tags along to a Major League Soccer game the last thing she expects is to catch the attention of the sexy athlete. Carmelina is not a fan of soccer or of the notorious player and despite the sparks that fly between them she refuses to be another notch on his bedpost. But Shane is used to getting what he wants and once he has her in his sights he won’t back down. He is possessive and domineering and he’s the type of man who always plays to win. Carmelina has spent a long time building up the walls that the cocky and self-assured Shane seems determined to break down. He is hell-bent on convincing her that some people are worth trusting but what he doesn’t know is that she has a red-card-worthy secret of her own. Will the secret she’s keeping help even the score or will it prove too off-side for Shane to handle?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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