Omegas of Pandora Series by Lillian Sable (.ePUB)

Omegas of Pandora Series by Lillian Sable (.ePUB)

Omegas of Pandora Series by Lillian Sable (1-6)
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Overview: Lillian Sable writes erotic romances and is the author of The Dollhouse series. She is a former office-worker who spent more time fantasizing and daydreaming than doing her actual job. She started writing her fantasies down and turned her dreams into reality.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


1. Omega’s Deception – She never wanted to be Omega.
Ianthe keeps her freedom because her dynamic is carefully guarded secret. Omegas are rare and highly prized, but they have no rights. An Omega is the property of whatever Alpha is strong enough to claim her. Ianthe toils in the slums, pretending to be Beta, so she can hide from a world that wants to make her a pet in a gilded cage. Legion, the Alpha and brutal cartel boss, believes her to be Beta. When he discovers her deception, nothing will stop him from claiming her.

2. Omega’s Capture- She never wanted to be Omega.
Ianthe is trapped in the clutches of the Alpha who claimed her against her will.
She wants to fight him, even as every cell in her body has come to crave his touch. But there is more to Legion than meets the eye and Ianthe will suffer before she learns all of his secrets.

3. Omega’s Binding – She never wanted to be Omega.
With her mate arrested, Ianthe faces an uncertain fate. Even though she never wanted to be bonded, it isn’t just herself that she has to think about now. She is carrying Legion’s child and will take all of her strength to save them all.

4. Alpha’s Temptation – She had never heard the word Omega.
When Aura crash lands on an alien planet, she finds herself surrounded by feral Alphas males. She doesn’t understand what has made them this way, but her only option is to run. They look like men, but act like animals and are consumed by the desire to take her in the most depraved ways. Ways that would literally tear her apart.
All except one.
Castor is so much more than he seems. But right now, he is the only thing standing between this strange girl and the dangerous Alpha prowling the Forbidden Zone. He has maintained his sanity while trapped in the wasteland but at great cost. The urge to claim her for his own overwhelms his fragile hold on control. He will protect the confused Omega from the Alphas intent on doing her harm, but he will also claim her for his own.

5. Alpha’s Corruption – She had never heard the word Omega.
Aura has found herself in a whole new world and claimed by an Alpha who never wanted a mate. She wants to run, until his touch inflames her senses and compels her to submit to him.
Castor is the reformer Prince, beloved by his subject’s for his progressive ideas about the equality of all dynamics. But in secret, he yearns to dominate the Omega that he claimed against his better judgment.
And the fire between them threatens to consume them both.

6. Alpha’s Redemption – She had never heard the word Omega.
Aura chose isolation over the terrifying passion, but that does not make her safe. She could not bear a life locked in a gilded cage, but she has no idea what dangers await outside the walls of the palace.
Castor will not stop until he recovers his mate, even if it means tearing the city apart brick by brick.
But he isn’t the only one looking for her.
Time is running out for them both. She cannot survive without him. And he cannot live without her.

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6. Alpha’s Redemption


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