Northern Grizzlies MC Shorts by M. Merin (.ePUB)

Northern Grizzlies MC Shorts by M. Merin (.ePUB)

Northern Grizzlies MC Shorts by M. Merin (1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 242 KB
Overview: Born and raised in Chicago, with a serious case of wanderlust, I’ve moved around quite a bit. My husband and our dog are two of my great loves.I have had ideas bouncing around my head for most my life and finally just started typing in the summer of 2017.
Genre: Romance


1. Chains – The Iron Savages rule Boise. Or they did.
Their numbers decimated, the President on his deathbed, the club becomes unrecognizable.
When his cousin and her son are threatened and secrets are exposed, Chains must make a choice.
Protect his family or stand with his sworn Brothers.
The words that are burned in his mind are ‘Blood in, Blood out’.
Who’s blood will it be? Will help be found within or from an allied MC?
This book was ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED as UnChained (12,000 words) and part of the Patched Over Anthology, to introduce new brother into the Northern Grizzlies MC. It has been extended to 20,000 words and retitled to fulfill ‘zon requirements.

2. Wrench – Wrench and Amy have shown up in nearly every Northern Grizzlies MC book, so take a step back in time to when Jasper was newly patched and Flint was still president.
Wrench is in town to fulfill a contract for the Northern Grizzlies, maybe two weeks at most.
Amy’s a townie with a fake ID and well-known parents.
Two people on very different, very set paths – until that moment they made eye contact.

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