Nailed Down series by Chelle Bliss, Eden Butler (.ePUB)+

Nailed Down series by Chelle Bliss, Eden Butler (.ePUB)+

Nailed Down series by Chelle Bliss, Eden Butler (#1-4)
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Overview: Nailed Down series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss and Eden Butler.
Genre: Romance


Nailed Down (#1): Kit Carlyle isn’t just some woman. Beautiful? Yep. Seductive? Damn straight. She’s also my best friend…and my co-worker. But, hell, I’m a guy with a pulse. Every once in a while, I take a look and think filthy things about her that maybe I shouldn’t. But when her cousin dies and leaves her with a long as hell and sexy bucket list, Kit turns to me for a helping hand. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a woman in need. Besides, I’m damn sure not about to let another man steal away my girl, occupy her bed, or fill my shoes. But as the stakes get higher and the items become hotter, I’ll have to face the toughest challenge of all: admitting I want more than Kit’s friendship. I want to make her mine.

Tied Down (#2): Cara Carelli is a silver-tongued mafia princess, master manipulator, and the only woman I’ve ever loved. But she’s also smokin’ hot, sinfully sexy, and my ex-wife. When Cara led me straight into a trap and pleaded for my help, I couldn’t say no. She thought she had the upper hand, but this time, I was in control and planned to make her beg. They say all’s fair in love and war and turnabout’s fair play, but what starts out as a wickedly seductive ploy turns into a twisted game of the heart.

Kneel Down (#3): My job as a SEAL has always been to go in and save the day.
But even heroes fall. Even heroes make mistakes.
My only saving grace was Gin Sullivan.
My knock out best friend who wasn’t afraid to tell me the truth even when it hurt.
She’d pick me up when I was wallowing in my own stupidity.

It wasn’t hard for me to fall for her.
Any man would.
She was beautiful.
She was smart.
She was everything I’d ever wanted.

I had plans to tell her that, squash the pinning we’d both done for two years.
But a bullet to the gut silenced me and Gin got tired of waiting.
Now I have a new mission, one that I can’t fail:
Do whatever it takes to make Gin mine forever.

Stripped Down (#4): I’d set flame to that perfect piece of art. Scorched it with a lie because I knew she was too perfect, too pure for me.
Even now, all these years later, I saw the look on her face–the devastated expression that told me I’d crushed her. All that beauty fractured with one lie.

It broke her.
It destroyed me.

The last time I saw her had unhinged me. It had been years, but Sammy had still managed to devastate me with a look. Then, she slapped me right across the face. But today, in this holy place, at this time, she should know I would find her. I was better prepared this time. I could wait. I could watch and see her pristine self. A perfect vision in her black dress and black hat, clutching her red rosary beads as she closed her eyes and prayed.

Not for me.

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