My Sexy Monster Girlfriend Bundle 1 by Aya Ocean (.ePUB)

My Sexy Monster Girlfriend Bundle 1 by Aya Ocean (.ePUB)

My Sexy Monster Girlfriend (My Sexy Monster Girlfriend Bundle Book 1) by Aya Ocean
Requirements: ePUB Reader | 488 KB
Overview: All sorts of creatures have become adapted into modern human society, thanks to the Sentient Being Extension Bill. It’s no longer just a matter of ‘blonde’, ‘brunette’, or ‘redhead’. You have to consider features and body types previously thought mythological! This collection includes three erotic romances between an arachne, slime, lamia, and their human boyfriends…
Genre: Erotic


My Sexy Spider Girlfriend
Meet Claire and her boyfriend. He’s human and she is decidedly not. She has the upper body of a lovely female, and the lower body of an arachnid! She’s a being known as an Arachne, with six eyes and eight legs and the ability to spin webs. Most would find her body terrifying, and this story is not recommended for those with arachnophobia. Claire’s boyfriend, however, has discovered all the scintillating ways to pleasure a woman with an exotic body like hers. From enjoying a hot shower, to teasing her spinneret, and even putting her skill for web bondage to the test, there’s plenty that a lovely, curvy Arachne has to offer.

My Sexy Slime Girlfriend
Here we have Shay and her boyfriend. He’s human, and she’s definitely not. Her whole body is made up of a semi-transparent blue slime. She’s cool to the touch, can alter her shape, and drips wherever she goes. Shay’s boyfriend has been bottling up all of the frustration of living with a girl like her. When it all finally explodes, Shay sits him down to show him all the unique delights of dating a goo girl. After all, he can cool off by sliding into just about any part of her, and when she shows him the unique way that her kind reproduce, the possibilities for fun literally double.

My Sexy Snake Girlfriend
Here we have Lyra and her boyfriend. He’s human, and she’s certainly not. Her upper body is human, and gorgeous at that, and her lower body is a long tail covered in blue scales, like that of a serpent. She’s a being known as a lamia. She’s cold-blooded, and needs to keep warm in the sun, or coiled up around a warm body, and yes, her scales do shed. Her boyfriend discovers that a shedding lamia is not a happy lamia, and wonders if it would be worth it to maintain the relationship. He agrees to help her with the process in his jacuzzi, and as a reward? He’s wrapped up in her long tail! The shedding sends Lyra’s libido skyrocketing, and she repays her boyfriend in the most intimate ways she can. Blown away by the experience, he stays by her side, inviting her to a romantic meal, where things get heated under the table as Lyra shows him just how talented she is with that long tail.

Of course, dinner wouldn’t be complete without dessert, served up in Lyra’s bed.

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