My Secret Erotic Life series by Nicole Lawson (.ePUB)

My Secret Erotic Life series by Nicole Lawson (.ePUB)

My Secret Erotic Life series by Nicole Lawson, P.S. Power (#1-2)
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Overview: Nicole Lawson A.K.A P.S. Power works in fiction, mainly focusing on Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror genres, with brief forays into other things just to keep life interesting. He averages 1 to 2 books monthly and has several series going. He lives in an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere, as a recluse, yet still manages to find time to talk to people online, in a positive and delightful manner. Not one of those creepy hermit types though, you understand. It’s more of an isolated farm style thing. Or ranch really. He’s also interested in three dimensional photography, and long moonlit walks on the beach, sometimes with vampires. When he can find time he also does writing and voice work for scripted online programs. Anyway, feel free to drop him a line.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


The Best Revenge (#1)
Being a geek may not be easy but it sure can be fun… After her horrible and unexpected breakup, comic shop girl Lily Leeds finds herself stumbling down a rather adult rabbit hole into a crazy mixed up world. One with love, lust, sex, more than one pornographic movie and a whole bunch of new friends. Good ones, that actually don’t think she’s too boring to bother with. Even better, it will give her some chance at revenge against the man who hurt her, by breaking her heart. That’s the plan. Things aren’t what they seem though, in the sexy new world in which she finds herself. That means that if Lily wants to survive her erotic adventures, she’s going to have to be a lot more open minded than she ever thought possible.

The Best Policy (#2)
Lily wants you to do it… because that’s how fun starts. When Lily Leeds moves through the world of porn, group dating and her own messed up family, she does it honestly. Not that it stops her from having any fun. Still, her life is changing, with more lovers, more headaches and a bit more truth than is absolutely comfortable. Sure, it’s hot, steamy and even a little kinky, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy all the time. Even a geek girl can get in too deep, if she’s not careful.

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