My Secret Boyfriend Series by S. Doyle (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

My Secret Boyfriend Series by S. Doyle (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

My Secret Boyfriend Series by S. Doyle (1-3)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 612 KB
Overview:No joke, my romance writing career started when I was ten and realized that Leia and Han were the true couple in Star Wars. It’s been about thirty years and over forty books and I still love it.I also write as Stephanie Doyle for Harlequin if you’re interested in reading more.
Genre: Romance


1. Don’t Love Me – Marc
The state took me away from my mother when was I twelve and sent me to live with an uncle, who worked on some fancy estate.
That’s when I met Ash, she was ten and the daughter of the man who owned the estate. She thought I would be her new best friend but I only wanted to be left alone.
For years she was always there, always annoying me, always wanting more from me. But our roles were clear. She was the princess and I was the chauffeur’s charity case.
I told her not to fall in love with me…she didn’t listen.

2. Don’t Hate Me – Ash
Marc was my destiny. He could fight it all he wanted, but I knew it was true. Not just because I loved him, but because of all the sacrifices he was always willing to make for me.
Like working for my father. Like agreeing to be my secret boyfriend because my father couldn’t know about us.
Until finally he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice that would change our lives forever.

3. Don’t Leave Me – Marc
Ash was gone and nothing in my life would ever be the same. I was a ghost walking the earth and I had only one mission.
When I found the people who tore my life apart I was going to destroy them like they destroyed me. But nothing for me and Ash had ever been simple. Instead of revenge, I found the truth. And it shattered my world an changed everything I ever knew about love.

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3. Don’t Leave Me


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