More Than Me Series by ChaShiree M. (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

More Than Me Series by ChaShiree M. (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

More Than Me Series by ChaShiree M. (1, 3-4)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 347 KB
Overview: I am 34 years old and this has always been my dream. I finally got the courage because of Author KL Donn and the time she took to talk to me and listen. I have no kids though I want a few.
Genre: Romance


1. More Than Enough – AraLynn
I don’t expect to find love. Especially on a dating site. But I long for companionship. Someone to laugh with, talk to and maybe, just maybe, they won’t be too disgusted to touch me. But miracles like that don’t happen.
Well apparently, they do on ‘Let’s Try Love’. Or that’s what it feels like every time I am with him.
I found him there.
Fell in love day by day.
But I can’t help wondering……Do people really find true love in dating sites?
I decided love wasn’t for me. Ladies want glamour, material things and stuff I will never be able to afford.
My mom had other plans.
After finding my Goddess on Let’s Try Love, I decided to through caution to the wind and go after what I wanted.
Her. Everyday. For the rest of our lives.
I just hope she believes me. Because no matter what she says.

3. More Than Me – Crystal
Watching my best friend find her HEA, showed me just how much I have sacrificed, trying to take care of my family. He came into my life, like a tornado with a definite destination. My heart. Boy does he accomplish his goal.
The problem is; It is about more than me. I come with a lot of baggage and the potential for more. How can I free myself, to follow my heart….when I can’t admit what’s holding me back?
She has been running from me, since the moment I told her, she was mine. She thinks she can get away…not a chance. I am a man used to getting what I want and I want her more than I have ever wanted anything before.
She is the lightest part of my day. The oxygen keeping me alive. If only I can convince her and get her to say YES! I don’t know what is holding her back from me, but I will find out. Once I do, nothing will stop me from claiming my heart’s desire.

4. More Than You – Rina
I had my life mapped out. Go to college. Graduate. Start my career. In none of those plans do I account for tragedy and heartbreak. It found me, nonetheless.
My second dream was to be married to the man I have longed for, the past year. He is the one who comes to my rescue, shows me that something good can come from pain and that my future can be anything I want it to be.
My mom once told me ‘Make sure your life is about More Than You, Rina.’ I plan to make that happen…just not sure how.
When I find out he lied to me, even though it was to protect me, I begin to question everything he said, until he shows me that love and devotion are all that matter.
Rina has been my dream and end game since I first saw her at her seventeenth birthday party. I was prepared to wait for her to follow her dreams, while silently following her as she accomplishes them.
Then, everything changed and I become the one person who could take her pain away and replace it with love, possession and HEA. The problem is, a lie out of love can change everything.
How do I get her to see I would do anything for her? She refuses to believe me when I tell her ‘Rina there is nothing More Than You.’ I need to make her believe it…before I lose her forever.

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4. More Than You


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