Moonlight Ridge Mountain Men Series by Carly Keene (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Moonlight Ridge Mountain Men Series by Carly Keene (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Moonlight Ridge Mountain Men Series by Carly Keene (1-4)
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Overview: Carly writes short romance stories as steamy and sweet as a triple-vanilla latte, served extra hot. If you’ve ever wished that a Hallmark™ movie showed what happened in the bedroom — in glorious technicolor detail — her books are for you! Grab your favorite steamy-hot beverage and join her for the fun.
Genre: Romance


1. Captured by Moonlight – Cassie
When my sister was too sick to use her ski-resort vacation package, she passed it on to me, hoping it would get my mind off my recent job layoff and my disaster ex-boyfriend. I was hoping a little self-care would help me find the courage to be a new Cass, a better Cass. I want some confidence and control over my life, beginning New Cass’s experiences with an early-spring hike in the beautiful mountain country of Moonlight Ridge.
But now I’m lost. My cell phone has no signal, it’s getting dark, and it’s begun snowing. Can this vacation go any more wrong?
I grew up in these mountains: self-reliant, strong, living on my family’s land. My job as a forest ranger keeps me near my family, here in the mountains I love, but sometimes I get lonely on my own.
When my dog Max starts howling outside my cabin in the middle of a snowstorm, I dash outside with my rifle, practically knocking over the most beautiful, voluptuous, almost-frozen girl I’ve ever met.
Now I’ll do anything I can to hold on to her and show her my mountains, my way of life, and my heart. Will Cassie find the courage to give me hers?

2. Held by Moonlight – Tia:
I’m the overworked and underpaid assistant to a manic event planner, based out of Chicago. My boss sent me to West Virginia to oversee an executive getaway/convention at this cool little ski resort. It’s a great place, with this amazing rustic furniture that I’d love to source for another venue we use and the most incredible views, but I’m so sick of dealing with entitled executives who consider me their personal squeeze toy.
To get away from them, I manage to tag on the end of a trail-riding horseback excursion, but when I somehow take a wrong turn, I can’t figure out how to get back to the group.
And then this mountain man shows up. He’s gorgeous, foul-mouthed, and probably breaking the law, but he’s my only way back to civilization.
I’m cutting deadfall in the Nation Forest for my woodstove—with a permit, mind you—when this curvy harpy comes out of the woods and starts yelling at me for despoiling the wonders of nature. She’s limping, and clearly lost, but it doesn’t hinder her sharp tongue any.
I’ve always been happy on my own, spending free time with my extended family and living a woodsman’s life, making rustic furniture that is beginning to get some notice and sell well. But this girl might be able to change my mind about being alone.

3. Taken by Moonlight – ANNA:
I’m tired of trying to make it as an artist in gritty Pittsburgh, and when I heard about a company hiring for graphic designer jobs in Atlanta, I packed up my belongings and headed south. But in the wild mountains, my ancient car conks out—and not only are there no service stations, there’s no cell phone service, either.
The gorgeous, rugged guy in the massive truck who pulls me out of the ditch makes me rethink continuing my journey. Could it end right here in this beautiful place, with this beautiful, kind man?
I love working as an engineer at the Green Bank Radio Telescope in the backwoods of West Virginia, but I’m lonely. My female colleagues are nice enough, but none of them could be The One.
And then I meet Anna, whose piece-of-crap car has broken down in the mountains. She’s on her way to looking for a job in Atlanta, but I know right away she is the woman I’ve been waiting for all my life. How can I convince her she’s mine?

4. Seduced by Moonlight – Willa’s given up on men. Mason’s given up on finding the right woman.
Something tells them that this time, it will be different.

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4. Seduced by Moonlight


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