Monster Valentine’s Bundle by Nessa Triskelion (.ePUB)

Monster Valentine’s Bundle by Nessa Triskelion (.ePUB)

Monster Valentine’s Bundle: (Tentacles, Succubus, Monster, Shifters!) by Nessa Triskelion (Author), Zayna Noble (Author), Karen Cobalt (Author), Aya Ocean
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 485 KB
Overview: Four stories from the ladies at to spice up Valentine’s Day! Explore naughty tentacles, flirtatious mermaids, sensual shifters, and irresistible succubi. If you’ve ever wanted to get a taste of what each of our authors can whip up, this is the sampler for you. Pairs well with red wine, chocolate, and a heaping amount of privacy.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic



Female Human and Male Owl Shifter
Rachel’s Valentine’s Day is shaping up to be cozy, but lonely.

She’s housesitting for her sister, enjoying a beautiful stone cottage out in shifter country. When a strange sound outside alerts her an animal in need, she soon finds herself with a cuddly owl companion. But as the night wears on, the owl changes shape. His true form? A stunning man who also happens to be very skilled with his hands. When Rachel accepts a massage as a thank you for saving the owl shifter, how steamy will her Valentine’s evening get?

Enjoy your sexy-and-sweet holiday treat! Happily Ever After included.

Male Incubus and Female Succubus
It’s been a few months since Neil transformed himself into an Incubus, a demon of lust and sex. The newly transformed demon and his succubus girlfriend, Bianca, have been keeping warm with their new routine. Sex for breakfast and sex for dinner, and again for dessert!

However, coping with their permanent change has taken a toll on their bodies. They still have to disguise themselves in front of their friends. As the month wears on, they determine it’s time to come out of their demonic closet. While there are mixed reactions, one friend has a recommendation: Celebrate Valentine’s Day without sex!

Taking the challenge to heart, Neil and Bianca set out to get each other a thoughtful gift that couldn’t possibly be used for something naughty. Though with their new demonic instincts, what will they find, and how will they twist it?

Male Human, Female Human, Tentacle Monster
Ted wants to find the best possible Valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend, Amy! When one of his coworkers suggests a massage device that is sure to please any lady, Ted is willing to make a journey to secure the package. Unfortunately, the magical massager can only be purchased at a shop run by a succubus.

Little does Ted know that Amy has been trying to buy one of the hard-to-find massagers on her own. She’s definitely a fan of tentacles, and she is far more aware of what she’s getting into than her poor boyfriend. It looks like Ted will have to watch as tentacles have their way with his sexy girlfriend! Will she be able to handle the eggs?

Male Human and Female Mermaid
Allan is traveling the world in an effort to run from the holidays. Painful memories haunt him at every turn since the loss of his parents. From Europe to Asia, he takes every mode of transport there is, from plane to train, and finally to a cruise across the Pacific.

Renting a boat in Manila, he sets off for a day of leisure. He didn’t expect that a mermaid would be calling upon him for help. Nadalina is gorgeous, with bright blue eyes, dark hair, and a black and gray striped tail that ends in a flowing fin.

Could this fateful meeting mark the change of his holiday gloom? Can Nadalina make Allan’s Valentine’s Day happy once more?

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