Monster Island (Monster Girl Erotica Bundle) by Aya Ocean (.ePUB)

Monster Island (Monster Girl Erotica Bundle) by Aya Ocean (.ePUB)

Monster Island (Monster Girl Erotica Bundle) by Aya Ocean
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Overview: A pleasant cruise vacation turns into a nightmare when John falls overboard, washing up on a tropical island. Scraping together what he can, he begins his quest for survival on what would otherwise be a paradise. Fresh water and fruit are easy to come by, but company is nowhere in sight.
Genre: Erotic


Grip of the Kraken
His true struggle begins when a gorgeous woman appears from the surf. Her long hair and fair features distract him from her lower body; a mass of writhing squid-like tentacles! Though he’s desperate for help, all Rikki wants is his seed…

Hunted by the Harpy
Learning to fish on the island is difficult. It’s made even more difficult when a screeching harpy dives from the sky and steals the day’s catch! Taki’s blonde hair and big fluffy wings make for an attractive sight for sore eyes, but there’s no way she’d be able to help him survive. Unless he… marries her?!

Harnessing the Hucow
Miles into a lush tropical forest with his new companion, John is starting to wonder how big this island truly is! Heading towards the harpy village, he’s hoping he can find some form of help. Just as he’s craving beef, he stumbles upon the ultimate curvaceous beauty! She’s got hooves, horns, and the biggest chest he’s ever seen. What’s more, she desperately needs to be milked!

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