Monster Girl Islands series by Logan Jacobs (.ePUB)

Monster Girl Islands series by Logan Jacobs (.ePUB)

Monster Girl Islands series by Logan Jacobs (#2-5)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.5 MB
Overview: Logan Jacobs is a USA Today bestselling author of science fiction & fantasy.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Monster Girl Islands 2
Ben is now Draco Rex the dragon king, and his dynasty is steadily growing. His women give him a new dragon-kin child every few weeks, he has fortified and improved his village and palace, and the water dragons are coming back from the brink of extinction. Life is good for him, but the gods have further plans, so it is time for the new ruler to build a raft and expand his domain.

Monster Girl Islands 3
Ben and Mira have set off on their raft to travel to the nearest island. There, they encounter a race of beautiful, long-legged deer women, and Ben meets the woman his daughter Marella foresaw in a vision. But this isn’t just a fun vacation. The voyaging duo will be put to the test against aquatic sea monsters, rabid bunnies, vicious wargs, and Ben’s mortal enemy: the orcs.

Monster Girl Islands 4
Ben and Mira have driven the orcs off the deer women’s island, but the question is not if the orcs will return, but when. As if the orcs weren’t bad enough, Ben spots a simultaneously new and ancient enemy on the horizon.

Monster Girl Islands 5
Ben has saved the dragonkin women’s island from the ancient, ghostly maldungs, so it’s time for his next adventure.
But when he and his crew of women set sail again, they discover the orcs have another enemy. A dangerous, fire-breathing, ship-destroying enemy. And Ben wonders if he can tame it.

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