Mixing Business With Pleasure series by Ace Gray (.ePUB)

Mixing Business With Pleasure series by Ace Gray (.ePUB)

Mixing Business With Pleasure series by Ace Gray (#1-2)
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Overview: Ace Gray is a self-proclaimed troublemaker and connoisseur of both the good life and fairy tales. After a life-long love affair with books, she undertook writing the novel she wanted to read, which culminated in her first release Strictly Business. When she’s not writing, she owns her own business teaching Pilates. She loves rainy days, shellac manicures, coffee shops and bourbon—all of which are bountiful in her adopted home of Portland, OR where she runs amok with her chef husband and two huskies.
Genre: Erotic Romance


Strictly Business (#1): Kate Elliott isn’t going to take falling in love lying down. Kate’s life is good by any measure. At 28, she has an incredibly successful company that affords her the couture lifestyle any Manhattan power player would expect. Being surrounded by luxury is almost enough to make the lack of romance in her life bearable. Almost. When she meets Nicholas Bryant, she’s consumed by desire despite discovering he’s her new, savvy, and therefore dangerous, competitor. After a series of hot and cold meetings—where the two compete over who is more hotheaded rather than market share—they succumb to passion in one perfect, electric weekend. But as soon as they resurface, trouble begins brewing that may cost Kate her empire, or worse, her long walled off heart.

Bad for Business (#2): Falling was the easy part. Kate Elliott can still see blood on her hands and feel the last breath of a dying man on her lips. Anytime she closes her eyes, a small piece of her world crumbles, leaving her something she’s never been: weak. Luckily, Nicholas Bryant is strong enough for the both of them. And he’d do anything to lift Kate up…kiss her tears until they stop, take her breath away, and pleasure her until she barely remembers the outside world. But… Nicholas’ past is catching up to him, and fast. The secrets he’s kept at bay have wound their way into his present and threaten the very real future he’s started to build with Kate. He’ll fight for Kate—every bit as much as he’ll fight with her—but even that may not be enough. Nicholas Bryant may turn out to be very Bad For Business after all.

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