Misfit Shifters Series by Rae Foxx (.ePUB)

Misfit Shifters Series by Rae Foxx (.ePUB)

Misfit Shifters Series by Rae Foxx (1, 3)
Requirements: epub reader, 405 kb
Overview: I’m Rae. I grew up in the south but moved to Arizona the second I turned 18 because I like it HOT. I write my books how I like my weather > the hotter the better!
Genre: Romance


1. Zero Fox to Give – It was only when I was spread eagle before a tongue god, laid out on a desk after breaking and entering in an attempt to solve a murder, that I began to question my life.
Question things like: Where has this man’s tongue been all my life? Why did I kinda-accidentally burn down my school? How did I get so lucky as to have two sand cat shifters for my mates?
Well, I was questioning… before my joyous screaming became loud enough that I had to high-tail it out of there before finding any clues for the murder I had been charged with.
Oh, did I forget to mention that I was the suspect here? Yeah, no clues, but good tongue.
I may not be the best detective, but I certainly am enjoying myself along the way. Easy to do when it turns out I have more than my sand cat shifter twins to keep me comfortable.
Well, except a wolf with an eyepatch might be hunting me, come to take me back to my pack after I kinda-maybe killed someone.
That’s the second dead body, if you’ve been keeping track.
So, I’m a murderer-arsonist, with a few too many mates, in a place that offers visitors a “Cummings Good Time?”
Could things get crazier? Hell yes! I’m about to solve my first murder.
Now, if everyone around me would stop turning up dead.

3. Fox Chance in Hell – Cummings Cove has a serial killer, and he’s zeroing in right on me.
More people have turned up dead than in a game of Clue™ First the butcher, then the baker, what’s next the freaking candlestick maker?
Body parts keep showing up in cake boxes and secrets are flying around so fast it might as well be an epidemic. From exploding houses, to bountiers, to old flames come back from the dead, the true mystery of Cummings Cove is too close to home.
Too close… I might not have four mates after all.

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1. Zero Fox to Give

3. Fox Chance in Hell


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