Minutemen Series by L. L. Ash (.ePUB)

Minutemen Series by L. L. Ash (.ePUB)

Minutemen Series by L. L. Ash (1-2)
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Overview: L.L. Ash is a Washington-born writer who has traveled and lived across the western coast of the US. She lives in Utah with her husband and 3 kids, all of which are a handful!
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. Boyfriend By The Hour – Serge has the best job on earth. What is that job? Well, he’s one of the highest paid men for rent in New York City. He lives the high life, until he meets a woman who changes everything for him.
Adele is a powerful CEO who has everything money can buy. But money can’t buy you a warm body between the sheets at night or company on lonely evenings. Or can it? After getting his secret number, Adele meets Serge, who really knows how to get things done. It’s a perfect system, until feelings get involved.
Nothing good can come out of falling love with your boyfriend by the hour. Too bad it already happened.

2. Bullseye – Maxim doesn’t exist. He’s been dead for years according to the U.S. Government. His clients know him as Ghost, and he is the fix-it man. He makes bad things…go away. His simple life changes however, when he gets a call from a very old friend asking for help. After one simple call his life is turned upside down. Instead of finding his target in the scope of his rifle, he’s turning in his bullets in favor of cupid arrows as he gets on a one-way flight to Saint Petersburg, Russia. A sniper turns into a seducer, and he must complete his mission, or innocents will die. <br> <br>Mila has only really begun to live her life, singing at the best opera in Bucharest, Romania, the city where she was born and raised. While her childhood was far from normal, she had the best money could offer. All provided by her father, the biggest drug lord in the region. Her world comes crashing down when she’s brought to Russia to meet the man her father has chosen for her to marry, but she can’t let herself be subjugated by the worst of the worst: the Russian mafia. A charming man catches her eye, and she’s left with two choices. Take the hand of a killer, or run away with a stranger. If only she knew that she was falling in love with an assassin.

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