Mating The Alpha (Mating The Alpha #1-4) by Celeste Raye (.ePUB)

Mating The Alpha (Mating The Alpha #1-4) by Celeste Raye (.ePUB)

Mating The Alpha (Mating The Alpha #1-4) by Celeste Raye
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Overview: Shifters are powerful, virile, and never short of a willing mate—but even that can’t stop the plague slowly choking their kind into extinction. Bear, wolf and panther Alphas alike need their clans to reproduce fast, and their only salvation might lie in the human women once considered off-limits. But first, the females are going to have to overcome some ‘cultural differences’, such as mating with a clan’s entire inner circle before being accepted as its Queen. Our sweet heroines are falling hard and fast, and they have no idea what’s about to hit them…
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Book One
In the midst of darkness four brothers find hope.
But lust, obsession and envy soon follow…
Johnny and Evelyn’s story could end in love, or total destruction.

Book Two
Alpha Dominic has an unpopular plan,
And a visiting scientist, Olivia, is the key to its success.
Will she let the beast into her heart…and his three lieutenants into her bed?

Book Three

If curiosity killed the cat, this kitty is in Big Trouble.
Blair finds a savior, but Jacob’s hiding some grizzly secrets,
And his friends have a disturbingly hungry look in their eyes…

Book Four
The Alpha’s daughter is ready to wed…
And the shifter who mates her will rule the clan.
It’s too bad Dylan is forbidden, which only makes Nylah want him more.

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