Mating Season Series by Yael Maree (.ePUB)

Mating Season Series by Yael Maree (.ePUB)

Mating Season Series by Yael Maree (1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 638 kb
Overview: Mating Season is a provocative dystopian romance novel rich with forbidden love, vivid post-apocalyptic worlds, and underdogs facing impossible odds.
Genre: Romance


1. Mating Season – In a world that forbids romance, they’re about to commit the ultimate crime.
In the final days of the last great war, an explosion destroyed most of the landmass, leaving behind a world of islands and a dwindling population.
In its wake, those who remain split into male and female islands.
Eighteen-year-old Ariel always follows her heart, even if it means going down dangerous paths. Over the years she tries to forget the roguish best friend she lost when he came of age and was taken away. Now, as Mating Season approaches, she fears the duty she is compelled to fulfil.
Ariel’s world is shaken when she reunites with Ben, the rebellious boy now a man. However, their reunion comes at a cost neither wants to pay. And neither one is prepared for what awaits them on the island.
Fighting the tug of dangerous affection, they seek a way to ensure their deep connection would never have to end. But challenging The Watchers could endanger not only their budding feelings but also their lives.
Can Ariel and Ben find a way to restore humanity’s greatest gift and remain together?

2. Ben – A love neither can deny. A law to keep them apart. A dangerous plan that could cost them everything.
At thirteen, as is their custom, Benjen son of Catherine was taken away from everyone he’s ever loved and everything he’s ever known. Now he must survive on Dagon – the all-male island, where boys learn to be men until he comes of age.
Under the wing of his assigned brother Luke, Ben is ushered into manhood, holding on to the memories of his teenage crush, Ariel.
When he unexpectedly reunites with her during Mating Season, dangerous feelings blossom between them. Realising that if they truly love each other, they can never be together, Ben is forced to come up with a risky plan that can cost them everything.
Under the all-seeing eyes of The Watchers, they will have to cross lines to survive, but more importantly to remain in each other’s arms.
When staying together means staying apart, can love truly conquer all?

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