Manny’s Mannies Series by Lorelei M. Hart (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Manny’s Mannies Series by Lorelei M. Hart (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Manny’s Mannies Series by Lorelei M. Hart (1-8 )
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Overview: Lorelei M. Hart is the cowriting team of USA Today Bestselling Authors Kate Richards and Ever Coming. Friends for years, the duo decided to come together and write one of their favorite guilty pleasures: Mpreg.
Genre: Romance MM


1. The Alpha’s Omega Manny– Manny’s Mannies: Where parents finds more than just childcare—they find everything.
Omega Ronnie thought he had everything until cancer stole his happily ever after. Left alone with his beautiful daughter, he soon discovered he was pregnant with baby number two, a child with a rare birth defect. He’s an amazing father to his two little girls, but he knows he needs help—so he turns to Manny’s Mannies.
But when Ronnie opens the door to see his college crush, Zave, he realizes he might be getting more than he bargained for.
Alpha Zave has never quite found his place in the working world. But even though he’s had bad luck at his jobs, he’s certain the perfect career is out there. He just doesn’t know where to look. When his current company has a temporary shutdown, he goes to work for Manny as a stopgap.
He never imagined his temporary position might lead to love.

2. The Alpha’s Mentor Manny – Manny’s Mannies: Where parents finds more than just childcare—they find everything.
Omega Graysen loves his job teaching art in a local public school. He gets to be creative all day and still has the summer to spend with his favorite person—Jasper, his two-year-old nephew who he became guardian of after his omega brother’s imprisonment. Unfortunately, teaching barely pays the bills, and when his small home needs a new roof, he has no choice but to fill his summer with a seasonal job, but those are rare. Thank goodness for Manny’s Mannies.
Widowed alpha Kylos is the perfect parent raising an equally perfect son. How could they not be? Kylos wrote the book on it, a book that has been on the bestseller list for almost a year and still soaring. When his publicist suggests he be the honored guest on the Cruising Your Way to Better Parenting cruise, Kylos’ original answer is no. After all, his son, Eric, has cello lessons, engineering camp, test prep classes, and a thousand other things to do that summer, and giving up two weeks would only hinder his chances of completing them all in a timely fashion and could ultimately harm his chances of getting into a prestigious high school and eventually an Ivy League university.
Kylos’ publicist has other ideas, and next thing he knows, Kylos is hiring a temporary manny to attend the cruise with them. As long as the manny is willing to follow his schedule and knows something about math, all should be fine—or so he tells himself. Little does he know that Graysen not only isn’t a schedule follower, he also isn’t alone.

3. The Professor’s Omega Manny – Manny’s Mannies: Where parents find more than just childcare—they find everything.
For Carter, an alpha professor of omega studies, life comes crumbling down when two officers show up at his work with horrible news and three young children in tow. His widowed brother Joey was killed in a car accident, leaving his kids orphans. Carter immediately agrees to take them in, quickly realizing he’s in way over his head. He needs help—he needs Manny’s Mannies.
Omega Beckham was on track to become his family’s first lawyer—until his grandfather became ill and he dropped out to take care of him in his dying days. He took on a new, more feasible goal of becoming a nurse and started working as a TA. But then his employer gets arrested and he comes home to an eviction notice and discovers his roommate was stealing the rent money. Jobless and homeless, he needs a solution and fast—he needs Manny’s Mannies.
When Carter opens the door to greet his new manny, he’s shocked to see his one-night stand from years earlier—the one he could never forget. If the kids didn’t immediately love Beckham, Carter might’ve asked for a replacement. Now he has to repress his longing for the manny he once spent a magical night with.
If only it were that easy.

4. Saved by the Manny – Life Lesson: Groupies are not the best choice of a mate.
Alpha Edwin loves music. Unfortunately, he can’t carry a tune in a bucket. He can, however, run a sound system like a boss and soon finds himself touring the world with some of the biggest bands. He is living the dream: great music, a good living, and wonderful twin boys. His mate is…less wonderful, leaving him with his twins when she figures out Edwin is not the staircase to her own freedom.
Life Lesson: Not everything you hear about concert tours is true—just the good parts.
Pregnant Omega Judson needs a job and now. When he is offered a job teaching and tutoring two kids whose father tours with the biggest band on the billboard charts, his gut reaction is to decline. They are alcohol-and-drug-filled month-long parties, or so the rumor goes, and the one thing Judson doesn’t need is to be around a bunch of drunks. He had enough of that in his past career as an exotic dancer.
Life Lesson: Always get it in print.
Traveling across the world and teaching two of the most creative children turns out to be one of the more challenging things Judson has ever done. The most challenging part is keeping his hands, lips, teeth, and other parts away from his sexy boss, Edwin. It would be far easier if his boss didn’t flirt back.
Iliana, the kids’ mother, comes around making noise about wanting the kids, and all semblance of normal—normal for a concert tour anyway—flies out the window. Threats are made, lawsuits are filed, and things get ugly quickly. Judson refuses to leave Edwin’s side, determined to help him keep his family and possibly make one of his own.

5. Completed by Their Manny – Home is where your family is…
Fleeing a heart-crushing break-up after discovering his infertility, Omega Pace moves across an ocean to become a classically trained manny. When his father’s health declines, he leaves his job with a minor branch of the royal family to be by his side and signs on with Manny’s Mannies to take a temporary local job locally.
Sometimes achieving your goals isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…
While Adam loves his children, he doesn’t see his life as a stay-at-home omega. Soaring in his career, he finds balancing work and home challenging at best, especially when his job takes on a much more serious tone as a take-over looms.
Sometimes doing everything for your family means admitting you can’t do it on your own…
Alpha Lincoln will do anything for his family. He loves them with all he is. He puts the same passion into his career as a physician, going above and beyond the call of duty to achieve what his family needs. Seeing his omega struggling, he does the only thing he can think of to help…he calls Manny.
Pace walks into his interview, immediately sees a family in need, and pushes back his attraction to the two hot men who will become his boss. Their children need out of the chaos their lives have become and his training makes him a perfect fit. Little does he know that they are exactly what he needs as well.

6. His Miracle Manny – To be a manny who swoops in, saves the day and then swoops out before dealings grow to deep…or at least that had always been his plan…
Omega manny Sebastian loves his job. He helps the families who need him most from sets of triplets to suddenly single parents to micro-preemies. His training as a nurse gives him skills most mannies don’t have, making him one of Manny’s top employees. He goes in during times of great need and moves on when they no longer need his help. It works for everyone.
That is, until now.
Alpha Walker is struggling. He never planned to be a single father. Who plans for their mate to die in childbirth? Walker is strong—stronger than he knows. Only he doesn’t feel strong. His son is about to have surgery, surgery that could be life altering, surgery that could be the difference between life with a walker and in a chair and one on two feet. His recovery will require more care than Walker can give. While in-home health care will be an option, Walker wants better for his son than rotating nurses, so when he sees an ad for Manny’s Mannies, he calls on a whim.
Manny’s got him covered. He has an employee with the perfect background and skills. He neglected to mention that he was hot, sweet, and lickable. Not that Walker would lick him. That wouldn’t be right. Unless he asked. Then he could be persuaded.
And Sebastian so very much wants to ask. He has always been able to keep his heart sheltered and his emotions intact while working, but, with Walker, it grows exponentially more difficult with each passing day. Walker is everything Sebastian didn’t even know he wanted in an alpha and so much more. But work was work…or was it?

7. His Surprise Husband Manny – What happens when a fake relationship no longer feels pretend?
Alpha Cash Hanson’s life turned upside down when his stepbrother passed away, leaving him a baby. He loves Daryl and vows to be the best father he can be for the sweet baby boy entrusted to him, including hiring a manny through the best agency there is: Manny’s Mannies. Unfortunately, the transition from single successful businessman to single father becomes exponentially more challenging when a relative decides they have a claim to the child—and his trust fund.
Omega Simeon Meyer is floundering, trying to find his place in the world. After dropping out of nursing school, he has no idea what to do next. When his friend suggests he manny while figuring out his future, he scoffs at the suggestion. Who wants to be a manny? But as student loan payments for a degree he never finished begin to come due, he throws his name in the hat. Worst they can say is no, right?
Simeon arrives at the interview to find an exhausted, overwrought alpha who informs him his son no longer needs a manny and not to waste his time interviewing. Simeon quickly sees that Cash doesn’t need a manny. If the alpha is going to get full custody of his son, he needs to prove he can provide a stable home. Cash needs a husband. And Simeon never could resist an alpha in need.

8. His Adventurous Manny – Sometimes the best adventures are the ones you don’t plan.
Alpha Antonio Ramos has spent the past decade traveling the world and filming his adventures for all to see. When his career comes to a screeching halt after a freak accident, Antonio is left unemployed and without purpose. After his brother Manny begs him to help out when yet another of his mannies runs off and gets married, he hesitantly agrees—at least he’ll have a paycheck and someplace better than his brother’s couch to sleep.
Omega Kellan Wright has been a single dad from the moment he heard the doctor at the ER say congratulations after his car accident—his alpha at the time hearing, Run for the hills. Thank goodness. Only a year later, his ex was in the paper for embezzlement and locked away. He dodged a bullet, all right. He is a strong omega and can do this parent thing on his own—that is until his new promotion requires travel. Looks like it is finally time to cave to his father’s pressure to get a manny.
When Antonio and Kellan meet, sparks fly—not that Antonio will admit it. What good is a broken alpha to a highly successful omega? Nope. He’s going to keep his hands to himself. Probably. Maybe. He’s at least going to try.

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8. His Adventurous Manny


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