Maniac: Love Deranged by Violet Shaw (.ePUB)

Maniac: Love Deranged by Violet Shaw (.ePUB)

Maniac: Love Deranged by Violet Shaw
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Overview: The erotic novel Maniac: Love Deranged tells the story of the destructive force inherent in the love between a pretty student, Valerie, and an investment-banker, Jason, who is obsessed with his career. The narrative offers deeps insights into the wild and wanton life of the “i-banker”, his struggle for money and power, and the love of a woman who is completely different from him. The reader is taken on a trip through the world of the beautiful and wealthy, but also experiences life in Frankfurt am Main, Germany – the financial capital of the country – of “never-enough” and “higher, farther, faster”. The focus of the story is Valerie and Jason’s affair: Valerie, whose life is suddenly turned upside down, and begins to have a roller-coaster of emotions, is fascinated by Jason, a glittering personality between cosmopolite and womanizer, who, strife-torn and lost, hides behind his shimmering façade. Driven by his zeal to earn more and more money, he is drawn into a vicious circle of power, money and intrigue.

Frankfurt, with its banking scene – similar to Wall St. – offers the perfect setting: The bankers’ drive to earn more and more money, the destruction of personality and existence, but also the fascination with an connection between success and sex – all of this comes to bear in Maniac. It is, therefore, more than a erotic-novel. It is a reproach to the investment world which, at the same time, warns that although love and sex are beautiful in their intensity, they can also become obsessions.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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