Mandy’s Sex Change Potions by Ellie Saxx (.ePUB)

Mandy’s Sex Change Potions by Ellie Saxx (.ePUB)

Mandy’s Sex Change Potions by Ellie Saxx
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 108 Kb
Overview: A Potion for Pounding!
Mandy Larkin is a reluctant witch. Fresh out of college with a whole new life to explore, she has little interest in her family’s traditions. But when Grandma Larkin “accidentally” leaves a book of transformative and kinky potions on the kitchen counter, all bets are off. Mandy quickly whips up a mixture that turns her into her ideal male form, and that hot new body is packing some serious heat! Even better, Mandy’s boyfriend gets sucked into the spellbinding sexual whirlwind that consumes Mandy’s soul (and other regions). Mandy craves satisfaction and she won’t be denied!

Mandy, Transformed
In this sequel to “A Potion For Pounding!”, we rejoin Mandy Larkin, a witch who’s grown addicted to a potion that transforms her into her ideal male form. No problem, right? Well, guess what happens when her boyfriend’s sister comes to town! The powerful potion makes it harder and harder for Mandy to resist switching to her male side, and her college co-ed visitor finds it impossible to ignore Mandy’s new (and thick) equipment. That can only mean one thing: more erotic fun for Mandy, and even more crazy consequences!

Mandy Revealed
The gender-swapping witch Mandy Larkin has returned! Come along for the ride as the spellcasting Mandy reveals her most sensual, and irresistible, secret: she’s been whipping up a potion that turns her into her ideal male form — complete with enormous physical gifts! Mandy finally confesses to her boyfriend…and then offers him a healthy dose of the addictive elixir. He transforms into an inexperienced-but-horny female alter ego and the sex romp begins all over again!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic Humor; Genderswap; Fetish


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