Mandarin Connection Series by Stephanie Brother (.ePUB)

Mandarin Connection Series by Stephanie Brother (.ePUB)

Mandarin Connection series by Stephanie Brother ( #1, 4-8-9)
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Overview: Stephanie writes scintillating stories with step-siblings as their main romantic focus. She’s always been curious about the forbidden, and this is her way of exploring such complex relationships that threaten to keep her couples apart.
Genre: Erotic Romance


1. Billionaire Stepbrother – Addiction: The Complete Series – Kady and Brett Were in Love –
Unfortunately, So Were Their Parents!Kady watched as her mother married the father of her soul mate, all the while wishing it were she and the muscled and athletic man standing with her at the altar taking their own vows. She knew that Brett secretly felt the same for her – she was sure of it! On the rare times they had seen each other before this fateful day, Kady couldn’t help her taboo lust for Brett’s hard, lean body. She ached to drown in his beautiful blue eyes, and feel his passion as he possessed her voluptuous curves. But now, he was going to be forever unavailable to her! Her need fought against her strong will…and her emotions were winning over against sound judgment! She looked over at Brett, who stood staring at her, and the tears began streaming down her face! She suddenly bolted from the altar, and ran out of the church! Their dreams of happiness were being crushed forever!OR WERE THEY? When Brett’s sudden business success propels him to the upper echelons of the rich and famous, things take a decidedly unusual turn. When she and Brett are thrust into a web of lies and deceit, Kady finds her heart won’t let her abandon her forbidden desires. Will their love be dashed upon the rocks of unforgiving tradition? Can she and her man emerge victorious?

4. Boned – Have YOU Dreamed of Being BONED?
I am the luckiest girl in the world! My stepbrothers, Stephan, Karl and Drake ‘Bone’ Jaeger are all rich, ripped, alpha-males! They are handsome, smart and smart-alecks. The oldest one is Stephan, and I think he’s in love with me. Karl, the adventure and thrill-seeker, makes my panties melt, but he’s recently divorced and still on the prowl. But, it’s young Drake, whose nickname is Bone, that holds the key to my heart! When a family tragedy threatens to tear us all apart, we’re forced to come together! Adventure and danger chase us around the globe, as we unravel the mysterious happenings that weave a thread of intrigue that spans years and touches people from all over! Passions and tempers flare, and it’s all I can do to keep my love alive for Bone. What am I going to do?

5. Boned2 – Are YOU ready to be BONED – AGAIN?
Bone is GONE! What am I going to do? I can’t keep Bone’s memory from my mind! His brothers are sexy, Alpha males in their own right, with plenty to offer any willing woman. Am I that woman? I love Bone, yet I find myself attracted more and more to the two men who are now closest to me in the world. is older brother Karl is an enigma – mysterious, a man of action and huge passions, and insatiable hungers. Stephan, the eldest brother, is calculating, successful and nobody’s fool. Except mine. His open love for me is both exhilarating and thrilling, but I’m not able to express my feelings for him in return. At least, not YET… Will Rachel, Bone, Karl and Stephan survive long enough to fulfill their romantic destinies? Will they conquer the evil forces behind the Mandarin Connection’s worldwide empire of evil?

6. Boned 3 – Are YOU ready to be BONED – FOR THE LAST TIME?Hoo boy! Am I ever in BIG trouble!Why?Because my trio of beloved stepbrothers are a bunch of lying bastards!Oh, sure, they are sexy, Alpha males, and will make any woman alive salivate with want, with just a glance at their beautiful, muscled bodies and dreamy eyes.They, and their SEAL team, military and security force compatriots are eye candy, for sure!And, they are always on the go, men of action who fight danger, and uncover hidden perils.They aren’t beyond sharing their conquests, either, with their wives and girlfriends eager to join in the fun!But, they’ve all hidden secrets from me, and I don’t know who to trust anymore!My soul-mate is Drake ‘Bone’ Jaeger. He got his nickname when a sports magazine feature the famous ‘profile’ of his spandex swimsuit on its cover.I love Bone with all my heart, but now I’m involved with his brother, Karl!Karl, a man of action with huge passions and insatiable hungers, sails us around the world on his luxurious yacht, the “Miss T”.
His crew, Dean, Julie and Tanya are more than just mates – they are our friends and lovers.
The voyages on this love boat spin me around, with sensual pleasures beyond compare!
Stephan, the eldest Jaeger brother, holds an unconditional love for me
And, to my chagrin, my own feelings are growing stronger for him with each passing day!
After an attack on our family and friends by the Mandarin Connection’s evil operatives leaves me forever altered, I don’t know which of these men will win my love.Or, if I deserve any of them at all!

7. Stinger – How Can A Small-Town Girl Deal with Two Alpha Stepbrothers?
Beatrice Sullivan finds herself in an emotional paradox. Her identical twin stepbrothers are hot, Alpha males, with cut bodies, handsome faces, and eyes in which any girl would drown. All-star college football athletes, playing for the Wasps, Stinger and Thumper are kicking ass and taking names on, and off, the gridiron.Then, a tragic occurrence at a qualifier game thrusts Stinger into the limelight.He’s suddenly the center of LOTS of attention, both wanted and unwanted, from cheerleaders, scouts and especially a sinister player for their biggest rivals, the Wildcats. Throw in some interference from notorious scout James Norton, a charming and deceptive cheerleader, and the twins own muddled feelings for her, and you’ve got a REAL game!Bea’s heart is torn between her strong attraction to them both, but her most intimate desires remain only fantasy. Follow the story of one girl’s heart wanting what it wants, even if it’s impossible to attain!Fourth Down and Goal to Go!
I’ve always imagined finding my one true love, my soul mate.But I never expected to fall for the two men closest to me in the entire world!.
Keith-David is an incredibly sexy, Alpha football hero on the Wasps. Stinger is making waves and catching the notice of the right people. He’s sure to get drafted by the NFL, once his senior year at college is finished. He’s smart, handsome and a wise-ass. David-Keith is his identical twin. Thumper is witty, sharp and every inch the athlete his brother is. The two of them are an unstoppable force on the field. And, off of it as well!My problem is that I love them both. My bigger problem is the competition. There’s Cindy and Rachel. And, that sneaky bitch, Michelle! But, by far my biggest problem is that their father married my mom. I am lost in a whirlwind of emotions, feelings of love and raw lust, for these two rugged men.
The path to true love is never easy, but I feel like the odds are stacked against me.

8. Thumper – Bea Sullivan and her twin football hero stepbrothers are in trouble.
When her parents are killed in a tragic automobile accident, sinister forces approach Thumper and Stinger with offers they can’t refuse!
But then, Bea’s biodad shows up with the Alpha Team!
Thumper faces off with The Frenchman, the muscle behind James Norton’s illicit gambling schemes, while Stinger squares off against an unexpected foe!
When the inevitable happens, all appears grim for the threesome. They trio discover that Norton’s actions are more devilish than they thought possible, as they are dragged into the maelstrom of the Mandarin Connection!
They realize that to triumph will require them to create intimacy and trust as never before!

9. Bodyguards – My name is Cheryl Walker, and I’m a hot, rising country-western singer.
Things are going great, as I embark on a two-year around the world tour!
But, when a deep-fake sex tape comes out, starring yours truly, everything comes crashing down!
My stepmother hires two bodyguards, Chad and Brad.
They are handsome, luscious twins with rippling muscles and tight abs. I dream about all the things I’d like to do with them…and to them! I know I am setting myself up for a world of emotional hurt by falling for first one, then the other. Things are getting very HOT!
Then, a sudden betrayal – and my life changes in an instant into a wild, sassy ride through the world of music, entertainment and the dark underbelly of international espionage!

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9. Bodyguards


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