Maisie Frobisher Mysteries by Liz Hedgecock (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Maisie Frobisher Mysteries by Liz Hedgecock (1-3)
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Overview: Liz Hedgecock grew up in London, England, did an English degree, and then took forever to start writing. After several years working in the National Health Service, a corporate writing course rekindled the flame, and various short stories followed.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


1. All At Sea – They say that travel broadens the mind…
When socialite Maisie Frobisher heads off on a cruise to India in search of adventure, little does she know what form it will take.
First some jewellery, then an important document goes missing from an ambassador’s cabin. If that document gets into the wrong hands there will be trouble. And it’s definitely in the wrong hands…
Maisie already has her suspicions of a fellow-guest at the captain’s table. However, when he turns out to be a police inspector travelling incognito and takes over the investigation, Maisie’s nose is put firmly out of joint. Then a crime of an entirely different kind rears its head, and Maisie finds that the past she is trying to escape from just won’t let her go…
With less than two weeks until the ship reaches port, can Maisie put aside her prejudices and learn to work with Inspector Hamilton? Can they trust each other? And most importantly, can they find that document before it causes an international incident?

2. Off The Map – To travel hopefully is better than to arrive…
When Maisie Frobisher arrives in Bombay she is looking forward to a life of parties and sightseeing. Fate, though, has other plans.
At first Maisie thinks that her biggest problem will be adjusting to the restrictions of life in Bombay while Inspector Hamilton gets on with his job. But when an information leak sparks conflict, it becomes clear that the theft of a document on board ship is part of something much bigger. And when Maisie receives a bizarre message from ‘Leopard’ via the personals column of the local newspaper, she has no choice but to get involved.
Someone doesn’t want her to, though. Soon Maisie finds herself the subject of a whispering campaign, and ostracised by society – but that becomes the least of her worries as danger looms.
Can Maisie and Inspector Hamilton unmask the mole? Who is the mysterious Leopard? And when they meet him, will they come back alive?

3. Gone To Ground – A bird in the hand…
Maisie Frobisher and Inspector Hamilton are planning a triumphant return to England; but when the Viceroy of India says no, that’s that.
Inspector Hamilton is chained to his desk trying to uncover the network of operatives who are sowing discord through leaked information. Maisie, resenting the Viceroy’s intervention, refuses to help. However, a mysterious stranger turns out to be a face from Maisie’s recent past who holds a key to the mystery. And she will only speak through Maisie…
Leopard is still at large, in the hope that he will lead to bigger cats still, but Inspector Hamilton envies Maisie her position at the centre of the drama. And amongst the small talk, an ally is murdered…
Now, with the network seeming to grow stronger by the minute, Maisie and the Inspector must put aside their feelings and even their loyalties to get at the truth behind the smokescreen of lies.

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3. Gone To Ground


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