Lowland Romances by Helen Susan Swift (.ePUB)+

Lowland Romances by Helen Susan Swift (.ePUB)+

Lowland Romances by Helen Susan Swift (2-4, 6)
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Overview: Born in Edinburgh and bred in the Scottish countryside, Helen Susan Swift currently lives in the north-east of the country. Happily married, she works two jobs as well as writing in a variety of genres. Her interests include folklore and history, as well as hill-walking, nature and football, following Aberdeen FC and Ayr United.
Genre: Romance, Historical


The Tweedie Passion (#2): In the late 16th century, Scotland is divided by war. Jeannie Tweedie of Lethan Valley is betrothed to Robert Ferguson; a man who others do not believe worthy of her.
When Jeannie is kidnapped by the mysterious Yorling, both Jeannie and Robert have to decide where their future lies… and with whom. Through adventures in the iconic Scottish Borderlands, Jeannie is torn between two men.
But who is her chosen one, and will she discover her Tweedie Passion?

A Turn of Cards (#3): As Edinburgh awaits the French invasion during the winter of 1804, Dorothea Flockhart heads to a storyteller and hears of a uniformed man.
Soon, she meets the handsome Captain Rogers. Together, they must navigate the tumultuous life that is war-time Scotland.
What Captain Rogers doesn’t know is that Dorothea’s past holds many secrets… ones which will change both of their lives forever.

The Name Of Love (#4): On her 20th birthday, Mary Hepburn – daughter of the local magistrate – learns that she is to marry John Aitken, a much older man.
Unhappy with this, Mary walks to the local moor to clear her mind. Instead, she meets and falls in love with the handsome Captain Ferintosh, when he saves her from whiskey smugglers. The situation gets even more complicated when Mary’s father arrests Ferintosh.
Soon, devious plans and mysteries begin to surface. But who is worthy of her love, and what secrets are the men around him hiding?

To Hunt A Husband (#6): At 22 years old, Robyn feels she is fast becoming an old maid. There are some eligible men in rural Midlothian, but Robyn has some competition from her particular friend, Amy.
Already engaged to a man she no longer loves, Robyn sets out to hunt for a husband in a countryside racked by social unrest.
Could her man be the collier hunted by the police – or the tall golfer? And who is the messenger who seems to appear just when he’s not wanted?

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Lowland Romance #1: The Handfasters
Lowland Romance #5: Storm of Love


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