Love’s Second Chance Series by Bree Wolf (.ePUB)

Love’s Second Chance Series by Bree Wolf (.ePUB)

Love’s Second Chance Series by Bree Wolf (11-12, 15-16)
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Overview: USA Today bestselling author Bree Wolf has always been a language enthusiast (though not a grammarian!) and is rarely found without a book in her hand or her fingers glued to a keyboard. Trying to find her way, she has taught English as a second language, traveled abroad and worked at a translation agency as well as a law firm in Ireland.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


11. Oppressed & Empowered: The Viscount’s Capable Wife – A woman with the desire to heal. A lord with a shameful secret. And a contract that binds them together.
Wishing to follow in her father’s footsteps, EVELYN PROCTEN has always tended to those in need. Despite social convention, the only future Evelyn can see for herself is that of a doctor…until she is called to Farnworth Manor to tend to the young viscount’s sister, who finds herself unmarried and with child.
Unfortunately, her stay at Farnworth Manor once again throws Evelyn into the path of Lord Ashwood, a man she has loved from a distance for many years. A man who has never looked at her twice. A man who disapproves of her professional ambition.
As far as society is concerned, RICHARD DAVENPORT, VISCOUNT ASHWOOD, is a cold-hearted and uncaring man. Although he does not overly care for society’s opinion of him, he cannot deny that there is truth in their assessment. Nevertheless, Richard knows his duty and would never act against propriety.
However, the whispers retreat into the background when his unmarried sister reveals to him that she is with child. Determined to maintain her secret, Richard keeps her locked away at Farnworth Manor. Still, in order to ensure his sister’s well-being, he is forced to call upon the one woman who has always been able to melt the ice from his heart.
Will he be able to resist her? Or will he succumb to her tender heart and share with her the one secret that has always determined his life?

12. Destroyed & Restored: The Baron’s Courageous Wife– A fearful lady. A shamed lord. And a hand at cards that will change both their lives.
Terrified of her father’s temper, LADY ADELAIDE has lived a life of complete obedience. However, now, when her father threatens to gamble away her hand in marriage in the next card game, she turns to a trusted friend for help.
A plan is hatched and put into motion to save Adelaide from an unfortunate marriage…by marrying her to a suitable man…by a young woman’s standards.
After allowing his father to manipulate him all his life, MATTHEW TURNER, BARON WHITWORTH, sees himself as the black sheep of the family, distrusted by all. So, when his cousin asks for his help to save a raven-haired lady from a painful marriage, he agrees immediately. Before long, Matthew comes to realise that the woman he is to protect is the very woman he has been admiring from afar for a while.
What will Matthew do when his cousin urges him to marry Lady Adelaide in order to free her from her father’s influence? Will he confess his love? Or will they live side by side forever?

15 Haunted & Revered: The Scotsman’s Destined Love – “The Miracle of Christmas”
A proud Scotsman. A determined lass. And a fight like no other.
Scotland 1811: ALASTAIR BRUNWOOD, a tall and proud warrior of a fierce Highland clan, finds himself shattered by the loss of his wee daughter. Determined to harden his heart, he retreats from his loving wife, existing as a mere shadow of himself.
Until the threat of a new love for Deidre arrives on the horizon.
DEIDRE BRUNWOOD has loved her stubborn husband all her life. He makes her knees go weak and sets her blood on fire. Never will she believe that her heart could ever be conquered by another. And yet, a seer whispers of a new love that will find her by the old ruins up on the cliff top on the day marked by a blue flower.
While Alastair forces himself to grant her this chance for happiness, Deidre is far from willing to accept it. If she must, she will fight him, fight Fate itself because her heart’s choice was made long ago.
And then the day of the blue flower arrives…

16. Fooled & Enlightened – Scotland 1812: Returning to England after ten years, MAGGIE MACDRUMMOND finds herself confronted by a man of her past. Long ago, she lost her heart to her childhood friend, only to have it crushed upon the first test of devotion. While Maggie spent the summer in Scotland with her family, the man she loved married another…without a word. Without warning. Without any thought for how his decision would crush her.
Ten years later, Maggie still cannot forget the man who’d once stolen her heart…and possesses it still. She is haunted by the moments they shared together, her heart foolishly longing for someone who treated it without care. Determined to finally rid herself of his influence over her, Maggie travels to London to face him.
NATHAN PENHALE, EARL OF TOWNSEND, lives from day to day, from one distraction to another. His life holds no meaning, no depth, no substance. He is but a shadow of the man he’s once been.

Until the day Nathan glimpses the woman with the fiery-red hair who captured his heart long ago at a ball. It takes no more than a look into her soulful blue eyes and his dead, shrivelled, dysfunctional heart once more begins to beat in his chest.
Shocked, Nathan can do little else but stand and stare at the ghost from his past, returned to torment him after ten years of agony. 
Nathan knows he ought to turn and leave, ignore her siren’s call for it will only lead him to his doom. But his foolish heart urges him down a different path.

And then her eyes meet his…

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11-12, 15-16

16. Fooled & Enlightened


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