Love Letters Series by Kristen Blakely (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Love Letters Series by Kristen Blakely (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Love Letters Series by Kristen Blakely (1-3)
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Overview: At 4 a.m., when her husband and three sons are asleep, KRISTEN BLAKELY weaves unforgettable characters into unexpected stories. Love Letters, beginning with Adored, features Kristen’s contemporary romance series, which proves that, at the very least, she knows how to alphabetize books.. Kristen’s devious plan for world domination begins with making all her readers as sleep deprived as she is.
Genre: Romance


1. Adored – Gratefully divorced and not looking. Well, okay, maybe just peeking.
Single parenthood to a two-year old toddler and a full-time job doesn’t leave me with any time to find Mr. Right. Not that he exists. But when a sexy male escort walks into my volunteer clinic for his annual checkup, I’m startled—okay, fine, tempted—into accepting his invitation.
Rowan Forrester’s model-gorgeous looks are the least of his attributes; he’s like no other man I’ve ever known. His single-minded attentiveness boosts my shaky confidence. I know better than to believe his interest is genuine, but his easy sincerity is irresistible. This fantasy can’t last—after all, he’s an escort—but I can’t turn away from someone who adores my daughter and makes me believe in love again.
But when the truth of his past finally catches up with him…with us…it crushes my fragile hope for a future together. And it’s entirely up to me if I’m going to allow it to destroy our love…

2. Betrayed – I can turn every man’s head…except his.
I command attention on the haute couture catwalks of Milan, Paris, and New York, but whenever I’m face-to-face with Drew Jackson, I feel like a gawky thirteen-year-old again—in love with a superstar who will never see me as anything more than his younger brother’s ex-girlfriend.
I tell myself Drew’s no longer a superstar. A long-ago car accident shattered his knee and destroyed his football career. What is he compared to the celebrities who whirl me through one-night stands or Tyler, the brilliant and witty social media maverick who is determined to win my love?
Drew’s just…Drew. All logic and rationality aside, I want him.
When betrayal knocks me off my supermodel pedestal, it’s a long way to the bottom. Will my tenuous friendship with Drew survive my career, my fame, and the rocky transition to love?

3. Crushed – I need a hero…but not him.
Losing my job wouldn’t have fazed me.
Losing my brother and then my job almost broke me. I’m down to my last hundred dollars and ready to accept help in any shape or form when Cody turns up on my doorstep with a job offer. And not just any job offer.
My dream job.
I can’t accept. I’m not that desperate.
Because I know Cody.
He’s the daredevil black sheep of the esteemed Hart clan, and should never have made it to his twenty-fifth birthday. What he probably hadn’t counted on, though, was his best friend dying instead of him.

His best friend. My brother.
I’m out of options, but nothing on Earth could possibly entice me into the arms of the man who killed my brother.

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3. Crushed


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