Lords of de Royans Series by Kathryn Le Veque (.ePUB)+

Lords of de Royans Series by Kathryn Le Veque (.ePUB)+

Lords of de Royans Series (1-3) by Kathryn Le Veque
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Overview: Kathryn started out at age 13 writing a space-travel novel, inspired by a recently-released film called Star Wars. She is professionally published as a contributing author for NASA, and also published as a writer of Medieval Romance and Contemporary Action Romance novels through S&B Publishing. Represented by the Seymour Agency, Kathryn’s extensive catalog of work include the popular “The Dark Lord”, “Guardian of Darkness”, the emotionally charged “Spectre of the Sword”, and many other award-winning Medieval historicals.
Genre: Fiction > Romance | Historical


#1 – To The Lady Born
1388 A.D. – The Lady Amalie de Vere is the sister to the Robert De Vere, Duke of Ireland, Earl of Oxford, and personal confident and lover to Richard II. When trouble arises between the king and Henry of Bolingbroke, the Duke of Ireland flees for his life, leaving his sister behind and at the mercy of his enemies. Bolingbroke confiscates Hedingham Castle, the duke’s seat, and Lady Amalie along with it.

Enter Sir Weston de Royans. A powerful, pious knight from a good Yorkshire family, his first introduction to Lady Amalie is a shocking one. But he eventually comes to know a beautiful, intelligent and humorous young woman who is in great torment and harbors a terrible secret. However, Weston harbors secrets of his own, deep family secrets that he has tried to run from for all of these years.

As Weston and Amalie fall deeply in love, the two of them must reconcile themselves to these secrets and find understanding and forgiveness. For four years, they live happily and peacefully. Then, the situation changes and Weston’s demons resurface again when his grandfather dies and Weston inherits a baronetcy. Weston and Amalie find a new life with Weston’s new title that leads them into danger, vengeance, murder, and a brutal showdown on the tournament fields of Yorkshire where Weston risks his life seeking justice for his beloved Amalie

#2 – Lord of Winter
1187 A.D. – They call him the Lord of Winter.

As Richard the Lionheart’s most powerful general, Sir Juston de Royans is as moody as he is skilled. Reminiscent of the ancient warrior Achilles, Juston fights when it is necessary, instead choosing to command the powerful men beneath him. Never wrong in action or command, he has never lost a battle and when he finds himself in the midst of a terrible siege at Bowes Castle, he predictably emerges the victor with the lady of the keep as his prize.

And that’s when the trouble begins.

When the never-wrong egotist meets the flame that will melt his frozen heart, a romance of epic proportions happens.

#3 – The Centurion
A mighty knight known as The Centurion is the man in control behind a powerful liege with dementia, but when his love for a young woman begins to compromise the stability of the Scottish marches, he must make a choice between love… or peace.

Sir Torston de Royans is known on the border as a man of reason, wisdom, and great strength. He also happens to serve a greatly respected liege who slips further into dementia with each passing day. Lord Lionel Harringham believes himself to be a Roman Caesar, and Torston is his great Centurion. Unfortunately, Lord Lionel also commands one of the largest castles in the north and Torston finds himself in a position of not only the protector of the castle known as The Lyceum, but the protector of Lord Lionel’s reputation.

Adding to this stressful situation is Lady Alyx de Ameland. A young woman from an allied family, she has loved Torston for as long as she can recall, but he’s never shown much interest in her. At least not publicly, but privately, Torston longs for Alyx a great deal. However, he cannot think of marriage because of Lord Lionel’s madness. It wouldn’t be fair to bring a wife into the mix of madness that plagues The Lyceum.

But Torston isn’t the only one who longs for the lovely Alyx.

A Scottish laird has his eye on her, too. Laird Douglas Kerr is a man who covets the English lass and does everything in his power to convince Alyx’s father that he would make a good husband for her, but his motives are not honorable. He covets Alyx’s land more than Alyx herself, and as Torston realizes that he can no longer wait to declare his intentions for Alyx, something he has been keeping secret for years finally makes itself, or herself, known… his betrothed.

And she brings hell with her.

It’s Medieval mayhem, madness, and matrimony on the borders as Torston and Alyx fight for a love that, once realized, is more powerful than all the armies in England and Scotland.

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