Loot and Booty Box Set (1-3) by Zeke Biddle (.ePUB)+

Loot and Booty Box Set (1-3) by Zeke Biddle (.ePUB)+

Loot and Booty Box Set (1-3) by Zeke Biddle
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI /AZW Reader, 1.1MB
Overview: eke Biddle loves fantasy, and monsters, and sexy babes. The more the merrier…in his books at least.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


#1 – Coming Together
Loot! Booty! Death?!?

The only bad part of being trapped in a virtual reality role-playing game is the risk of dying. It’s way too easy to forget about the danger while surrounded by hot, sexy women willing to satisfy my every desire.

Except for my warrior. She seems about ready to kill me most of the time.

So now, I have two goals.

Enjoy my nights frolicking with the bombshells in my harem.

Convince my warrior to join in the fun.

Oh, I guess I have one more goal: Stay alive because if I die in the game I die for real.

Hopefully, we’ll find a way to destroy the machines that are generating the monsters before the monsters destroy us.

The best way for my women and me to survive and thrive in this hard world is to come together. Often.

Learning to fight as one probably wouldn’t hurt, either.

I’m looking forward to all the juicy practice.

#2 – Hard and Deep
Harder. Deeper. More deadly?

We came…more than once. We saw. We conquered.

Somehow the smoking-hot women in my harem and I survived our first mission. Now, all I want to do now is party, enjoy all that loot and booty, and bask in the accolades from the villagers. Unfortunately, the little monsters who dwell in the caves beneath our tiny village keep attacking.

And they look hungry.

Pushing deep into the cave, we’ll meet more gorgeous women who are ready and willing to join my harem.

Long and hard will be our journey.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

#3 – In and Out and…
I charge in hard. Then out. Then in again.

Teleporting into the big, fancy castle brings more grief than comfort. Instead of welcoming us, the king tries to have us killed. To make matters worse, we can’t escape the palace intrigue when Alexandra begs our party to help save her mom, the queen.

But the worst part is making any progress involves more confounding teleportations. Each time I plunge into one tight spot and then pull back out, more of my women get left behind when the portals block their way.

Of course, the bad guys never seem to have any trouble finding me wherever I am and causing constant trouble. But when the One-eyed Monster steals two of my women, I must prove I’m the bigger man, show him who’s the boss, and save my women and the queen.

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