Lockwood Industries Series by Laura Ann (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Lockwood Industries Series by Laura Ann (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Lockwood Industries Series by Laura Ann (1-6)
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Overview: Ever since I was in elementary school I have wanted to be an author. Career day was a bit rough, since there is no official uniform for this job. Pajamas and a laptop maybe? Although my clothes change from day to day, my job as a wife and mother doesn’t. My days are filled with my 5 children and enjoying time with my husband, while my evenings are filled with creative time. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
Genre: Romance


1. Her Bodyguard Swap – She’s falling for her bodyguard…
now if she just knew who he was!
In a show of love and solidarity, Ridge Lockwood retired from the military when one of his identical triplet brothers was rescued from an enemy prison. Now, they’ve opened Lockwood Industries, a private security firm where they can use their skills to protect those who need it. When a musician he’s been crushing on walks through their doors needing help with a fan who’s going too far, he’s all to willing to step in and play protector, except he doesn’t get assigned the case.
Everly Madison is content with her life, recording videos from the comfort of her own home and posting them online to a large group of adoring fans. But when one of her followers starts making threatening comments, her idyllic life is turned upside down. Her brother recruits the help of some former military buddies and soon Everly has a bodyguard dogging her every step. Too bad it’s not the one who made her stomach flutter when they first met.
Desperate to meet the woman he’s been watching for so long, Ridge makes a deal with his brother to swap places so he can get to know the beautiful guitar player. Their time together is everything he wished it would be… until Ridge realizes she’s falling for the wrong brother! Worried about ruining their business’ reputation and with the stalker closing in, Ridge has to make some hard decisions that just might cost him the woman he’s been waiting for.

2. Her Quiet Bodyguard – She’s hoping a fake boyfriend will deter her ex.
But instead he’s proving dangerous to her heart.
Roman grew up learning to be quiet and stay under the radar of his abusive father. Determined to be the exact opposite of his father, he joined the army straight out of high school, only to leave it when his military brothers retired and created a personal security business. Being a bodyguard/fake boyfriend had never been in Roman’s plans, but any chance to be close to the beautiful Rose Logan is proving too hard to resist.
Rose never thought she’d need a personal security expert at her beck and call, but when her ex refuses to back down, she finds herself face to face with a man who steals her breath. Roman is big enough to be intimidating, but gentle enough to melt her heart. She finds the combination intoxicating, and begins to fall for the gentle giant.
Soon the lines between reality and pretend become blurred and Roman struggles to know how to handle the situation. However, before he can figure it out, he has to discover why Rose’s ex-boyfriend went from suave to dangerous and how to get rid of him for good.

3. The Heiress’s Bodyguard – She’s supposed to be protecting the grandmother,
but how does she keep from falling for the grandson?
Valentina Lopez has spent her life keeping up with the boys. Between her skills in martial arts and a military background, she’s never met a man she couldn’t pin to the mat. Until one fateful night when she crosses paths with Andrew McPherson. Rich, handsome and skilled in fighting, Andrew proves to be a challenge to Val in more ways than one.
Andrew has made a habit of running from the women who socialize in his circles. He’s tired of being seen as a pocketbook instead of a person. When his grandmother, Lola, finds herself in need of a bodyguard, Andrew jumps at the opportunity to get to know the one woman who has piqued his interest, and is unlike anyone else of his acquaintance.
Val’s tough exterior is hard to crack, but just as she finally gives into the attraction between her and Andrew, Lola is attacked. Can their new relationship survive the fallout? Or will Val’s failure drive a wedge between them forever?

4. Her Champion Bodyguard – He’s determined to keep her in the ‘client’ zone,
but she’s determined to be so much more.
Sawyer Lockwood left the military and joined his triplet brothers in building a personal security firm, but he never expected it to become more of a matchmaking service! Half of his team has now found love during their missions and it’s driving Sawyer crazy! Determined not to let cupid get the best of him, Sawyer enters his next assignment with trepidation, especially after he realizes Kinsley Storm is his client.
Kinsley should be elated. She’s at the top of her equestrian career, she’s recently signed a contract as a model, and a spot in Nationals looks inevitable. But when odd things begin happening at her shows, she realizes someone is trying to sabotage her chances at winning. On the advice of a family friend, she and her father hire one of the Lockwood brothers to help keep her safe. Sawyer Lockwood is being brought in under the guise of Kinsley’s boyfriend, but his cold attitude makes the act more than a little difficult.
Just as the saboteur ups their game, the line between love and hate begins to blur between Sawyer and Kinsley. Sawyer fears his budding feelings will distract him from his job, but how can he walk away from the woman he’s falling desperately in love with?

5. Her Loyal Bodyguard – She believes that everyone has an agenda.
Can he convince her his feelings are real but still hide his true purpose?
Edwina, “Edi”, Ross was only a teenager when her family fell apart because of her father’s infidelity. And the media covered it all. She’s been running from any type of relationship ever since. She learned the hard way that everyone is hiding secrets and she wants nothing to do with it. That includes her father’s new wife, twin sons and the handsome man who happened to sit next to her on the plane ride down to Argentina.
Archer Tomlinson has never been into stubborn women. Heaven knows he’s had enough of that with his sister. So when he’s assigned to protect a client who doesn’t want protection, he’s more than a little disgruntled. Good thing his boss puts him under orders to pretend to be a friend rather than a bodyguard. But as he gets to know Edi, Archer begins to realize she’s so much more than what she looked like on paper. Soon he’s falling for her spunk and sweetness and praying she won’t hold his lie against him.
Just as Edi begins to trust Archer, the unthinkable happens and the two of them are attacked. During the fallout, Archer can’t stop the truth from rising to the surface. Will Edi see past the lies to Archer’s true feelings? Or will she believe he’s just like everyone else?

6. Her Broken Bodyguard – He came back from war a different man,
and doesn’t feel worthy of love.
She’s never been more determined to prove him wrong.
Cora Sanderson has loved Harlan Lockwood since she was in her teens. As a close family friend, she watched him change from a boy to a man and waved goodbye as he left for the military. After Harlan was imprisoned for several months by the enemy, Cora was there when he was released and again when he started a personal security firm. In fact, she works as his secretary and the time spent with him is a strange combination of elation and torture. If only she could do something to break through the dark cloud he’s carried ever since he arrived home.
Harlan Lockwood has always been duty focused, but the one bright spot in his life was Cora, his little sister’s good friend. He fell in love with her right before he left home, but kept it to himself, not willing to ask her to wait for a soldier. Now that’s he home for good, he feels too broken to pursue the relationship he always wanted. His time as a prisoner changed him in ways that no woman should ever have to deal with and Harlan is determined to keep Cora from experiencing his nightmares.
When Cora witnesses a murder, Harlan is the only one who can protect her and together they go into hiding. Now that it’s just the two of them, Cora is dead set on helping Harlan see that he doesn’t have to go through life alone. Can she break through his barriers to the wounded heart underneath? Or will he continue to push her away, too focused on protecting her to let her in?

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6. Her Broken Bodyguard


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