Leaving Eden: A Reverse Harem Collection by Kelly A Walker + (.ePUB)

Leaving Eden: A Reverse Harem Collection by Kelly A Walker + (.ePUB)

Leaving Eden: A Reverse Harem Collection by Kelly A Walker (list of authors below)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 708 kB
Overview: It’s only when one leaves Eden does one battle the temptation from within, and that temptation comes in the form of seven deadly sins:
Sloth, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Wrath, and Pride.
Life is hard enough on its own, but add a cardinal sin into the mix? What’s a girl to do?
Seven Sins. Seven Women. Seven Stories.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Pride by Petra J. Knox
When a mysterious illness hits the Forus village, healer Lyra swallows her Pride and makes the trek to the uncivilized Wildlands.

Dream My Way by Serena Lindahl
Aislynn’s dreams have taken on a life of their own lately, but when she’s burdened by Sloth, everything becomes more difficult… and sleep might be the only answer.

Envy by Lucy Roy
When Charmaine makes a bargain with a fae witch, the price is a curse no one would Envy. And the cure? Finding her soulmates.

Death Dealers by Emma Cole
Born and cursed with Wrath, Retta prefers to live in her happy little bubble. Until her brothers start disappearing. When clues point to the Death Dealers, Retta’s world is rocked on its axis.

Glorious Gluttony by Lexie Winston
When food blogger and Gluttony demon, Glory, samples the macarons at the new Tasty Treats, she gets more than she bargained for.**

The Irony of Lust by Kelly A. Walker
Being the embodiment of Lust, Lusia meets the only three men in the world who aren’t affected by her power.

Greed by Kandi Vale
When Ava’s Greed for the ultimate prize tempts the Wyvern Affinity in her, the consequences of stealing from three mysterious bounty hunters almost become more than she bargained for.

*Each reverse harem story ends in happily-ever-after. Some stories contain violence, adult language and situations. Steam level will vary.
**Story contains MM.

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