Kansas Cowboys Series by Amelia C. Adams (.ePUB)

Kansas Cowboys Series by Amelia C. Adams (.ePUB)

Kansas Cowboys Series by Amelia C. Adams (1-4)
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Overview: Amelia C. Adams is a wife, a mother, and a novelist. She spends her days dreaming up stories and her nights writing them down. Her biggest hero is her husband, and you might just see bits and pieces of him as you read her novels
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. A Wrangler for Wynonna – When Old Sully Crenshaw gets an idea in his head, it’s almost impossible to root it out – and he’s decided that the men of the Lazy Q Ranch need wives. Simplest thing in the world to send for mail-order brides – minimum of fuss, only a marginal expense, and everyone’s happy with the end result.
Jack Milton agrees with Sully’s reasoning and agrees to be one of the grooms. When he meets his prospective bride, he’s more than pleased with the match – but that’s short-lived when the girls arrive at the ranch.
Wynonna Westcott and her friends agreed to become mail-order brides only after signing some very specific contracts and receiving guarantees of their happiness. When things turn out to be the exact opposite of what they’ve been promised, they must figure out their next step – or be stranded in Kansas forever.

2. A Handyman for Helen– Helen Ashby didn’t necessarily want to become a mail-order bride, but when she sees her friend Wynonna heading for sure disaster, she knows she must do something to help. After all, Wynonna likely doesn’t understand what she’s getting herself into with her highly suspicious matchmaker, and she could use Helen’s guidance.
When Helen realizes that she herself has nowhere to go, she resigns herself to a similar fate, reasoning that she can always get a job if the first meeting with her prospective groom doesn’t go well. And it doesn’t go well at all . . . instead of being greeted at the end of her journey by a wealthy ranch owner, she’s met by a not-so-wealthy handyman.
Zeke Turner didn’t necessarily want to send for a mail-order bride, but his boss’s wife is in a family way, and she’ll need lady friends to give her a hand when her time comes. When he sees Helen Ashby for the first time, though, he’s smitten immediately, and it doesn’t matter that she thinks she was brought out there on false pretenses – he wants to marry her no matter what. The trick now will be figuring out how to communicate – and how to work together through a challenge neither of them could have anticipated.

3. A Rancher for Rowena – Rowena MacDonald has been trying to strike up a conversation with Billy Smits ever since fate landed her at the Lazy Q ranch, but he’s so shy, she can hardly get two words out of him. It’s a shame, too, because whenever she’s around him, her heart beats faster and her breath comes quicker, and she’s sure he feels the same way – he just won’t say it.
Billy has been in love with Rowena since the moment he first saw her, but he can’t imagine she’d ever want him. After all, she’d come west in hopes of marrying a wealthy rancher, not a poor ranch hand. He can’t offer her anything he believes she wants.
But Old Sully Crenshaw has a few tricks up his sleeve, and he’s not about to let this potential romance go by the wayside. He’ll get them straightened out one way or another, even if he has to rely on advice from his dime store romance novels to get it done.

4. A Cattleman for Cora – It had taken all the courage Cora Whitmer possessed to leave her small town to attend nursing school, and when those plans fell apart, she had no idea what she would do next. A trip to Kansas to marry a wealthy rancher wasn’t in her plans at all, but when her friends decide to investigate the possibility, she goes with them just to see if there could be something there for her. Upon arriving, she’s anything but impressed–the place is dusty, smelly, and the rancher she was expecting is anything but wealthy . . . or a gentleman.
Tenny Lawless has never seen a need for the finer things in life — as long as he has a bed and enough to eat, he’s content. He finds cows a whole lot easier to understand than women, especially when it comes to Miss Cora Whitmer. Before long, though, she gets under his skin, and he realizes that she should be added to his list of needs.
The matchmaker who brought them together may have been a crook, but perhaps she knew what she was doing after all . . .

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