Just Us Series by Roxanne Riley (.ePUB)

Just Us Series by Roxanne Riley (.ePUB)

Just Us Series by Roxanne Riley (1-6, 8-9)
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Overview: Romance author with happy ending standalone novels.
Genre: Romance


1. Just This Once – Two men at the same time. Just this once. Right?
Love doesn’t come easily for Lacey anymore. Ever since long-distance romance tore her away from her high school sweetheart, Adam, she’s faced nothing but heartbreak.
Still recovering from the latest in a string of terrible relationships, Lacey pays a visit to her best friend. Dragged out to Ecstasia, a nightclub that turns out to be more than it seems, she’s shocked when she runs into the ghost that’s haunted her all these years… and his fiancé, Dante.
Adam and Dante were out at Ecstasia to fulfill a mutual bisexual fantasy of theirs: to share a beautiful woman, just for a night. When they run into Lacey, Dante can’t keep his eyes off her beautiful curves. When he suggests they cast her in the part of their fantasy girl, Adam can’t help himself, because he remembers just how sweet she tastes.
Both men want to share Lacey, while enjoying their love the way they always do at the same time. She wants to bask in all the pleasure they have to offer her, and each other. She figures why not give in to their little experimental fling idea, and bring herself some happiness again, too? Things might get complicated though, with ties that run so deep.
Will this old flame start a raging fire that can’t be contained by any of the three of them?

2. Just One More – There are already three of them. What’s just one more?
Jessie has spent the last few months getting back on her feet. When she hits rock bottom and her brother takes her in, she vows to turn over a new leaf. And now, things are finally looking up.
After she lands a new job, Jessie’s friends take her out to celebrate at Ecstasia, a nightclub that turns out to be a little different than Jessie expected, to say the least. She’s never been to a place like this before.
She’s reluctant at first, but then she meets an unusual trio of men. Darren, Ivan, and Myles are hotter than h*ll, and the three business partners share a love that goes back years. But tonight, they just want to share Jessie.
Apparently Club Ecstasia is famous for exactly this sort of temporary arrangement, but Jessie hadn’t known that. Neither had the guys, but now they want to add a woman to their mix.
It’s only supposed to be one night of fun. And who could turn down these three handsome, rich men? Jessie figures she might as well say yes, just this once.
The night of passion lingers in their minds and leaves all four of them wanting something more. But their budding romance comes to a screeching halt on Monday morning when the guys walk into their office and come face to face with their new administrative assistant: Jessie.
Will her surprise new bosses send Jessie packing?
Or are they about to risk everything they have to keep her?

3. Just For Halloween – It was supposed to be just for Halloween. But when the trick-or-treating fun is over, will she still crave them both?
Summer knows she’s a lucky woman. Her boyfriend, Ben, is like her own personal Prince Charming. Knowing she’s coming after a long string of exes who have cheated and used him, all she wants to do is make him happy, the way he deserves.
So when Ben admits that he’s bisexual, and fantasizes about sharing her with another man, Summer can’t stop thinking about making his fantasy come true.
The club where Summer bartends, Ecstasia, has a not-so-secret reputation as the perfect place to fulfill your filthy fantasies, and their annual Halloween party seems like as good a time as any. Everyone’s in masks, and fantasy runs rampant. And when Summer lays eyes on drop-dead gorgeous Nick, she knows he’s the one to fulfill theirs.
The chemistry is instant and electric between all three of them, and none of them wants this night of passion to end.
Will they still want to be together when the masks come off?
Or will one night of treats leave them all hungry for more?

4. Just One Night – It was supposed to be just one night of bliss.
But now they’re linked together forever.
When Audrey went out to a friend’s bachelorette party, she knew she was in for an eventful night, since Club Ecstasia is where bi-curious partiers hook up. But she never expected that she would end up going home with not one, but two, gorgeous male strangers at once.
She still feels them tugging at her heart the next day but she tells herself the night will forever be just a fond memory of a one-time fling with Elijah and Leon, but nothing more.
Until time passes and a little pink plus sign turns everything upside down.
Audrey isn’t sure which one of the two guys from that fun-filled evening is the father, and she doubts either of them would want to be, so she isn’t sure she should tell them. Plus, she doesn’t even know their last names, so how would she find them?
Meanwhile, Elijah and Leon can’t stop thinking about Audrey… and each other.
The two have been best friends since high school and business partners for nearly as long. Leon has been in love with Elijah this whole time, and that night when they both hooked up with Audrey after Club Ecstasia was a dream come true. But Elijah’s been running from them, and from himself, ever since.
When a merger goes through and Elijah and Leon join the business that Audrey works for, it seems like fate wants her to tell them the truth and let the three of them sort it out from there. And that it’s making sure to keep their hearts and minds on each other while their bodies reunite once again.
Can this tangled trio work things out in time for baby to make four?

5. Just for Christmas – They need a pretend girlfriend, just for Christmas,
But when all three of us get together under the mistletoe, things get real.
Recently widowed Emilie is determined to give her young son an amazing Christmas. With her husband gone, she feels twice the pressure with half the income, and she’s almost given up hope when her friends offer up a flexible solution.
Her career as a delivery driver is cut short, however, when a sushi delivery becomes an…interesting proposal.
Drew has been with his boyfriend, Joel, for almost ten years now, but the two of them have kept their relationship a closely guarded secret from Drew’s judgmental family.
When Drew accidentally lets it slip that he’s seeing someone and his mother demands that he bring his “girlfriend” to meet his family, he’s sure that the cat’s out of the bag.
Until Drew’s sister Andi offers Emilie up as a solution. She needs money, Drew needs a girl, it seems too good to be true.
Or maybe it’s even better.
Can she really bail these two out of their Christmas crisis and get back out with her heart intact?

6. Just Be Mine – Two guys want to just be mine.
Can we all three be valentines?
Gwen Sinclair doesn’t do relationships. She’ll date, sure, but the moment things get real, she’s ready to run. To the world she tries to present a smiling image, but ever since an injury and subsequent condition in high school, she’s got too much to hide to let anyone get close. She doesn’t want pity and she’s too strong to let others take care of her.
A few dates with Zack have been fun, and the heat between them is smoldering. He’s got ripped muscles that seem to go for miles, not to mention great skills under the sheets. But she knows she could easily fall for him, so when she meets Adrian, she thinks maybe a dose of another steamy stud will cure that pesky case of feelings before it blooms into a full-blown case of the “L” word.
But now she finds herself torn between growing feelings between them both. To her surprise she also finds that her two f*ck buddies were high school sweethearts.
After years of waiting for Zack to come out, Adrian gave up on being Zack’s dirty little secret in the hopes of finding someone who could wear their love with pride.
When the pair is reunited because both of them are seeing Gwen, the spark returns, and it spreads, engulfing the three of them in a blaze they can’t contain, but Gwen is afraid that if she gives into it, she’s just going to get burned.
To protect her heart and while telling herself that she can’t be the one to come in between them, Gwen comes up with a plan to bring the two lost lovers together on Valentine’s Day. But it seems they want to keep her in the middle of them quite literally.
Will Gwen be able to take her heart out of this tangle and reconcile the two of them?
Or will they team up and finally take down the walls around her heart?

8. Just in Case – We’re all under lockdown, just in case.
And it seems like something contagious has taken over all of our hearts.
After losing her job and her apartment, Felicity is still trying to catch her breath. Her best friend Raoul is quick to jump in to help her pick up the pieces, asking her to move in.
It’s downright luxurious, having all this space to herself in his huge house, but honestly, she’d rather squeeze into a twin bed with Raoul than sprawl in a king-size alone.
Although when Raoul’s other best friend, Sam comes to visit, she’s happy to have room for one more, even if it’s only in her fantasies.
But when a spreading pandemic leaves the trio quarantined and trapped in Raoul’s house, tensions are high.
They might not have the virus, but there’s a fever spreading.
Will it break when this is over, or have they all been struck with a love that can’t be cured?

9. Just Passing Through – Who picks up a hitchhiker in an area they’re just passing through?
I don’t know if these two guys are crazy, or just incredible.
Hannah Howell finally did it. She finally packed a bag and left her abusive boyfriend. But now what?
No phone, no car, no other choice, Hannah hops on the highway to hitch, heading to California in the hopes of staying with her cousin Zack and his partners. She strikes it lucky when Nathan Greene and Jeremy Webb stop for her.
The two best friends, stressed out from work, are taking a road trip, ready for some adventure. But maybe they end up with a little more than they bargained for when they pull over.
She’s cagey, understandably, so Nathan makes a secret suggestion to Jeremy: a fake relationship between the two men to set her mind at ease. What he doesn’t admit is how badly he wishes it were real.
And what he doesn’t know is that so does Jeremy.
But fate put Hannah in their path for a reason, and she might just be the missing spark to start a blaze between them all. And when Nathan and Jeremy come together at last, the sparks become a raging inferno.
Will this turn out to be no more than a passing fling?
Or are these three broken hearts made to fix each other?

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9. Just Passing Through


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