Jock Shot series by Jay Summers (.ePUB)

Jock Shot series by Jay Summers (.ePUB)

Jock Shot series by Jay Summers (Books 1-4)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 844kb
Overview: hat are a little dark and edgy.

Check out Jay’s debut novella Jock Shot. A straight to gay tale about two stepbrothers who let their competitive streaks get the better of them.
Genre: MM Romance


Jock Shot: Straight to Gay First Time MM
Finn has always viewed his stepbrother Taymon as an egotistical bully he would rather stay away from. They have nothing in common except a ruthless competitive streak and a desperate need to outdo the other. So when Taymon calls him up out of the blue and says he needs a place to stay Finn is not impressed.

To Finn’s surprise though, having Taymon stay isn’t all that bad to begin with. That is until Finn’s friends turn up for poker night. What starts as innocent fun soon morphs into something else when Finn and Taymon’s sibling rivalry turns toxic. Instead of playing for money, they are playing to keep their clothes on, and before the night is over they will learn who between them is the bigger man.

Place your bets because things are about to get steamy!

Jock Shot 2
After losing more than just his clothes at poker night, Finn is furious with his stepbrother for humiliating him in front of his friends. But Finn was more than humiliated… he was oddly turned-on by the events of that night.

Rather than try and bury the memory of Taymon’s sadistic victory, Finn finds himself keen to explore a curiosity that refuses to go away. He gets the perfect opportunity to do so when Taymon proposes they come to a special type of arrangement… an arrangement that has some very strict conditions.

JOCK SHOT is a first time gay BDSM erotica series. It contains d/s dynamics, erotic humiliation and other kinks.

Jock Shot 3
Just a week ago Finn knew exactly who he was: rich and successful, a stud who could have any girl he wanted, the alpha male among his peers. But since losing a game of strip poker to his older stepbrother, Finn feels like he has lost control of his perfect life. He’s done things that he never thought he would. And he’s been used in ways that he never imagined.

Finn’s not sure who he is anymore. And worse, he’s beginning to look at his best mate Shaun in a way he most certainly shouldn’t. A way that has Finn wanting nothing more than to let Shaun do whatever he wants to him.

Will Finn give into his submissive lusting for Shaun? Or will someone else Finn knows reveal their own dubious desires?

Jock Shot 4
Finn is beginning to accept the fact that he is not the alpha male he once thought he was. In fact he is quite the opposite. After years spent competing against his arrogant stepbrother, Finn is now little more than Taymon’s plaything. A role that sees him constantly emasculated and humiliated.

Despite his resentment towards Taymon, Finn can’t deny how much he is enjoying their dubious arrangement. But when they are caught in bed together by a family friend, neither of them will be able to control what happens next.

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