Jewel Family Romance Series by Cami Checketts (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Jewel Family Romance Series by Cami Checketts (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Jewel Family Romance Series by Cami Checketts (1-5)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 1.1 mb 230 KB
Overview: Cami Checketts writes sweet, clean contemporary romances that really touch your heart.
Genre: Romance


1. Do Marry Your Billionaire Boss – A reclusive billionaire; a feisty woman who unmasks celebrities. Can they learn to love or will he forever damage her trust?
Jade Jardine has been anxious to meet Joshua Jewel and see if the celebrity who hides his face from the world is incredible or insane. Will she find the man she’s been hoping to meet, or a wealthy jerk who only cares about his bottom line?

2. Do Trust Your Special Ops Bodyguard – A brilliant chemist running from her vicious ex; an Air Force security specialist who will protect her at all costs. When he’s hired as her security detail, can she trust him to keep her safe, or will she find herself falling in love with him?
Cosette Peterson is flighty, happy, and may have earned the title of “Loony Lovegood” from the Jewel brothers as a teenager. When she witnesses her fiance torturing a man she has to run for the safety of Isaac Jewel’s arms. Who knew those arms would be so appealing, better than even her teenage fantasies? Will the man she’s had a crush on for over a dozen years be able to protect her, or will he break her heart?

3. Do Date Your Handsome Rival – Feisty underdog takes on mysterious billionaire in this fast-paced romance full of secrets, action, and love.
Alone, unloved, but never without her pride, can Marietta Valez stay immune to the handsome Luke Jewel or will she fall prey to his blue eyes just like every other woman?
Luke Jewel has secrets not even his family knows about. He hides behind his playboy reputation and his myriad of successful businesses. He has no plans to settle down, but then he’s never met the likes of Marietta Valez before.
Can the fiery brunette take down the billionaire entrepreneur?

4. Do Rely on Your Protector – Love interrupts their plans. Will they change course or miss out on their chance at happiness?
An independent woman focused on protecting her brother; an X-games superstar knocked out of his element. Can he shelter and love her, or will pride wreck their hopes of true love?

5. Do Kiss the Superstar – Caleb Jewel has it all: fame, fortune, family, fans. When he meets the beautiful Emily Gehring and her son, Krew, he falls for the duo hard and fast. There’s only one problem—she promised her ex she won’t date for a year, and he promised he won’t take their son for his custody visits. Emily will do anything to protect her little boy from being alone with her ex.
Caleb will have to forget about his jokes and pranks and exercise self-control nobody believes he has, or risk losing the only woman who’s ever tested his patience and made him fall in love.

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5. Do Kiss the Superstar


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