Jealousy by Laran Mithras (.ePUB)

Jealousy by Laran Mithras (.ePUB)

Jealousy by Laran Mithras
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Overview: Jealousy wasn’t part of their relationship until after they got married; then it came in and camped out in the middle of them.

Clark has his love newly married and tucked away safely in his belt. Or so he thinks. Why is she letting men flirt with her? Why does she want to go to parties next door with those college renters? Was her professed love at the altar a lie?

Tessa is enthusiastic for her new life with her husband, except that he suddenly begins being brooding and suspicious about everything she does. He blames her for talking to people. What happened to the sensitive alpha male she married?

She gets blamed for talking to guys.

He thinks her girlfriends are sabotaging their marriage.

Doubt and suspicion sour into anger, and angry sex.

And then Bend comes along, throwing gasoline into the inferno.

This heat is going to burn…

A dark psychological romance filled with rancor and rupture. 205 Standard Paperback pages of dark naughtiness.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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