It’s Complicated Series by Maggie Cole (.ePUB)

It’s Complicated Series by Maggie Cole (.ePUB)

It’s Complicated Series by Maggie Cole (1-3)
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Overview: Maggie Cole is the pen name of a multi-faceted woman. She’s an entrepreneur at heart and loves writing contemporary steamy romance novels. Her wish is that when you read her books, sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll cry, and sometimes you’ll have little flutters racing through your veins.
Genre: Romance


1. Crossing the Line – Noah Parker is an angel.
Sometimes he’s an arrogant a–hole.
He’s smart, successful, and my boss.
Did I mention sexy AF?
And I convince myself I hate him from the moment I meet him even though being near him turns my insides to Jell-O.
He’s been ordered to mentor me. So every day, all day, I’m working next to him.
Noah wants me to be his, all the time, but he keeps me in the dark on the projects we work on. So I don’t trust him. And I’m definitely not risking my career over him.
Noah has his secrets and I have mine. I fight him every step of the way but we keep ending up in each other’s arms.
If I could only stop telling myself ‘just one more time…’

2. Don’t Forget Me – Dr. Xander Kane
I don’t remember the last 12 years.
I don’t remember becoming a surgeon.
I don’t remember the day of the accident or the girl named Charlotte that was in the car with me.
All I remember is the girl I loved named Billie.
My friends all tell me we broke up and haven’t been together in over ten years.
But all I remember is how I feel and the memories of her.
So I search everywhere for her, only she’s nowhere to be found.
Then I go to sleep. Every night, I dream, but not about Billie.
I dream about a faceless woman. I hear her voice call out Xander. I can feel and taste her. I smell the scent of flowers after the rain.
I convince myself I must be going crazy because that means I wasn’t loyal to Billie.
Slowly, my memory of the last twelve years comes back about everything except Billie.
But then I’m in surgery. As soon as I’m introduced, I know it’s the girl named Charlotte that was in the car accident with me. She’s the one who haunts my dreams.
And it’s clear that I’ve hurt her. But then I continue to do so.
When I finally know in my heart that Charlotte is who I love, trust has been broken.
Forgiveness is required.
I can only hope I didn’t let my past destroy my future.

3. Committed to You – Chase Monroe is my quicksand.
I need to figure out how to pull myself out of his hold over me.
Several times I escaped him. Or so I thought. He always comes back, piercing me deeper.
He’s the cocky, good-looking, no-relationship guy.
Eight years ago he walked in on his fiancé in bed with his best friend. So now he has a strict policy that he thinks is harmless.
He doesn’t cheat. His women all agree to the rules.
His calendar is full of his “friends” and he wants me to be one too.
But I refuse to be just a number.
He thinks he just has to show me how good we can be together.
And when I draw the line in the sand, he makes his choice.
We were on our way there, too. Our chance at happiness is in sight, but then his “harmless” past comes back to haunt us with deadly intent.

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3. Committed to You


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