Illusive Duet by Hazel Grace (.ePUB)

Illusive Duet by Hazel Grace (.ePUB)

Illusive Duet by Hazel Grace (1-2)
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Overview: Hazel Grace is an avid lover of music, Mountain Dew, Gene Kelly and Funyuns. Her writing started off as a hobby, wanting to create and advocate a new world with different characters and plots. But after watching indie authors publish and create their worlds, she jumped in, wanting to make a dent within the romance world.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. Catfish – I met her through the wrong man’s eyes. Beauty in every sense of the word, a mouth of someone who gives zero fucks, and the body of a man’s wildest fantasy.
Fake—it’s the first thing I thought. Until she sent me a picture with a middle finger and the same beautiful eyes.
But she could never be mine.
And when I say that, I really mean it.
My position doesn’t pose for it and my past won’t allow it.
What makes this harder than anything I’ve ever had to do is when she lines up in my path.
I veer out of the way but she crosses the line and she does it on purpose—to challenge me.
This woman doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into.
And apparently, I don’t either.

2. Bona Fide – Wade Lockwood is a liar.
A fake.
A fraud in a suit with a smirk that overwrites everything I ever told myself to steer clear from.
But he wants me, and in all Wade Lockwood fashion, he doesn’t allow things to not go his way.
He keeps me locked into our agreement, daring me to put myself in one hell of a position to get myself out from under his thumb.
He wants forgiveness, but that’s the last thing he’ll ever get from me.
I could care less about what sins he’s committed against others or how he got to where he is.
All I’m concerned about is erasing him from my life, taking whatever means necessary to ensure I never have to see him again.
A plan that proves to be easier said than done when my mangled heart—that traitorous thing—still beats for him.

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1. Catfish

2. Bona Fide


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