Hot SEALs series by Cat Johnson (.ePUB)

Hot SEALs series by Cat Johnson (.ePUB)

Hot SEALs series by Cat Johnson (#5, 9-11, 13-15)
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Overview: A top 10 New York Times bestseller, Cat Johnson has been the recipient of a starred Publishers Weekly review and is the author of the USA Today bestselling Hot SEALs series.
Genre: Romance


Protected by a SEAL (#5): As a Navy SEAL, Rick Mann fought his way to hell and back, but he’s never faced a challenge quite like protecting the rich and famous actress Sierra Cox. She’s spoiled, she’s annoying and he’s never wanted a woman more. That’s a problem for so many reasons. At the top of that list is that he needs to keep his head in the game because even though Sierra doesn’t take Rick seriously, the threats on her life are very real.

Romanced By a Seal (#9): *A USA Today Bestseller* He traveled to hell, danced with the devil and made it back to her, but his toughest challenge is still ahead…getting her to marry him.
As a SEAL, Jon Rudnick dodged copper and lead without flinching, but just the thought of one tiny gold band around his ring finger has always sent him into a cold sweat. Love is one thing, but marriage is another. He’s not sure he’s ready for that just yet, until a near miss serves as a wake-up call he can’t ignore.

Now he’s ready, but his girlfriend Ali has gone from rushing him toward the altar, to running in the opposite direction at full speed. Hell if Jon can figure out why, but he knows one thing—all’s fair in love and war. He’s not going to rest until he makes Ali his again. This time for good.

Rescued by a Hot SEAL (#10): He’s a SEAL. She’s the woman his team is sent to rescue… Navy commander Grant Milton was well prepared to fight Somali kidnappers to save American aid worker Jennifer Anderson. What he wasn’t ready for were his feelings for her.

Betting on a Hot SEAL (#11): Boys will be boys . . . especially in Vegas and no one parties like a team of Hot SEALs with a night’s liberty. But Navy SEAL Craig Dawson finds that some bets follow you home. Don’t miss the next high action adventure in the USA Today Bestselling Hot SEALs series.

Matched with a Hot SEAL (#13): A standalone Hot SEALs romance . A Navy SEAL’s life isn’t all deadly missions. Commandos need love too. But when Naval Special Warfare computer specialist Will Weber puts the fate of his love life in the combined hands of a dating app and his teammates, he thinks he’ll learn what real terror feels like. He was wrong. That happens when his ex’s sister walks into his life, and his heart, and then walks right back out again.

SEAL the Deal (#14): As more wedding invites pour in, veteran SEAL and security specialist Zane Anderson is happy that he and his girlfriend Missy don’t need a legal document to prove their love. Or at least he didn’t think they did. Lately, he’s beginning to wonder if they’re still on the same page regarding their official relationship status or is he going to have to seal the deal? But even if he’s ready, willing and able to commit, the universe–and the bad guys–have other ideas.

Hot SEAL in Hollywood (#15): Hot SEAL Rick Mann is out of his element and going out of his mind navigating some treacherous and unfamiliar terrain . . . Hollywood.
Give Rick a clear enemy he can capture or kill and he’s good. But in La La Land nothing is simple or what it seems.
LA is driving a wedge between Rick and the one woman he loves, actress Sierra Cox. Or maybe it’s less LA and more Sierra’s co-star, pretty boy Jamey Garret.
When Rick finally loses his cool and uses his fist to make Jamey a little less pretty, the shit really hits the fan, personally and professionally and he has to call in his old SEAL teammates for help.

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