Holiday Heartthrob Series by Holly Hathaway (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Holiday Heartthrob Series by Holly Hathaway (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Holiday Heartthrob Series by Holly Hathaway (1-3)
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Overview:Holly Hathaway is a romance writer living in San Francisco, California. She is born and raised in California and loves to travel because it inspires her writing! She has always been passionate about writing and decided to take the leap into romance writing full time.
Genre: Romance


1. Euro Trip – Allie
I don’t want to be so far away from home. Everything is different and I miss my parent’s ranch in Wyoming. All my friends want to do is party. And it’s only day one of our summer in Europe.
Should we go with these party boys to their yacht? I’m so tired and I would love to just chill.
But then I meet Ben, the owner of the yacht. He shakes my hand and doesn’t let it go and I feel shivers run up my body. He’s a gorgeous man, and he’s trying to sweep me away into a romance. I’ve never been with anyone before, am I ready for this? I also don’t know if I can trust him. Or myself.
I first see her leaning over the railing, wearing a blue sundress and looking terrified. She is so cute, and it looks like she can’t see anything.
I have to have her.
I convince her to take a tour of the yacht, but I can tell she’s suspicious of me. How do I prove to her that I’m nothing like my brother and his playboy friends?

2. Hot Dubai Nights – Allie
This summer trip to Europe has quickly turned into a whirlwind romance. I’m head over heels for this sexy, British, wealthy yacht owner. Flying to Paris, Ben is the only thing on my mind and I can’t stop thinking about our passionate night together. Until I meet Antoine. Is two summer flings better than one?
I can’t stand to be away from Allie. I’ve completely fallen for her and can’t get her off of my mind. I want her to see how serious I am about spending more time together. I’ve invited her to my last minute business trip to Dubai – will she come? I can’t wait to sweep her off her feet and right into the bedroom…

3. Sweet Home Wyoming – Allie
Is it possible to fall in love too quickly? My friends tell me it was just a fling, just a whirlwind summer romance that had to come to an end. Does a wealthy Englishman and a fresh college graduate from Wyoming even stand a chance at true love? Now that I’m back from Europe, I feel the distance growing between us and I fear it’s over for good. But it turns out Ben isn’t out of my life, just yet.
I know I fell for her too fast, but everything feels so right. I know this is more than just infatuation, and I want to make her mine forever. If we commit to a lifetime together, will Allie have to give up on her dreams? I think I know just the plan to make sure Allie can have it all. But first I have to see her again…

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3. Sweet Home Wyoming


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