His Biggest Fan Series by Victoria Vallo (.ePUB)

His Biggest Fan Series by Victoria Vallo (.ePUB)

His Biggest Fan Series by Victoria Vallo (1-2)
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Overview: Victoria Vallo has written under many names and ventured into almost every genre. When darker and more erotic tales beckoned, she decided to follow.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic MM


1. Beat of His Heart – When Killian’s band gets its big break, he can’t contain his excitement. He assumes everyone is going to be thrilled, including the drummer, his boyfriend Malcolm. Killian can’t wait to get out of their small town so they won’t have to hide their relationship anymore. But Malcolm is skeptical and feels college is a safer bet than touring with the band, and he wants Killian to stick to their original plan and go to school with him. So they part ways, both feeling hurt and abandoned.
Ten years later, Killian is in another band, and they need a drummer. Their manager convinces one of his college professors to play with them on their upcoming tour, and to Killian’s surprise, Malcolm is back in his life again. Their reunion hits a few bumps at first, but soon they’re working through their issues one at a time. This progress is interrupted when an obsessed lover from Killian’s past reemerges. He wants to keep Killian from being with Malcolm—the lost love he’d heard so much about—and he’ll do anything necessary to make Killian his again…

2. Close Enough to Touch – Claude is ready to take the next step with Liam. He’s finally gotten over his hang ups about dating someone in the band he manages, which is a relief considering how his last relationship with a musician went. He knows he should probably tell Liam the truth about that, but he’s sure he has plenty of time. Until he ends up in a meeting, sitting right between Liam and his former lover, Danny. The news that Danny is going to spend months filling in for the band’s injured bassist floors him, and it’s impossible to hide the truth from Liam and the other band members.
Danny felt sure he could handle being around Claude again, despite their messy breakup and a year of silence. But Claude’s reaction opens all the old wounds—ones Danny mostly gave himself—and he tries to fix things, only to make them worse and cause trouble for Claude and Liam. Danny tries to back out, only to be told that they all have no choice but to deal with the situation and put on happy faces for the fans. Danny’s sure he won’t be able to handle it, but some unexpected help from a friend shows him that living in the past won’t do him any good, especially when there’s someone here and now who’d do anything to see him smile.

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