Her Dragon King Duet by Theodora Taylor (.ePUB)

Her Dragon King Duet by Theodora Taylor (.ePUB)

Her Dragon King Duet by Theodora Taylor (1-2) (50 Loving States, North Dakota Pt. 1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 322 KB
Overview:Theodora Taylor writes hot books with heart. She is also the founder of Interracial Romance Weekly Bestseller List. When not reading, reviewing or writing, she enjoys spending time with her amazing family, going on date nights with her wonderful husband, and attending parties thrown by others.*
Genre: Romance


1. Her Dragon Captor – Dearest Reader, I beg of you, do not one-click HER DRAGON CAPTOR! This passionate paranormal romance will only upset you.
Yes, it is the first book in the long-anticipated HER DRAGON KING duet. Yes, it contains one ridiculously sexy, extremely evil dragon and a fierce she-wolf who won’t let him kidnap her without a fight. Yes, it is on sale for a limited time (only until the second book releases on the 15th of May!).
BUT BE WARNED, Dearest Reader, it also contains a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Early readers have already started lodging complaints: They cannot sleep, they cannot homeschool, they cannot take several masked walks around the block a day without wondering… whatever will happen next in this enemies-to-lovers story?
They are nearly as obsessed with it as Damianos Drákon is with Ola Greenwolf.
So, Dearest Reader, I’m warning you now to turn your clicks away from this extraordinary tale of kidnap and revenge. Stare longingly out the window for the delivery van with your order of toilet paper. Or arrange a Zoom happy hour to speak of another less maddening book. Or binge eat those snacks you promised to save for your kids while re-watching Tiger King. Divert yourself with anything else but this book. For reading it will only end in the gnashing of teeth and cries of “Why, Theodora, why?!?!”
But if you’re curious, courageous, and cool with an itty-bitty wait, buckle in, Dearest Reader. The second to last book in the Alpha Kings saga is the first half of one epic ride.

2. Her Dragon King – Damianos Drákon is insanely hot, ridiculously huge, and incredibly evil. He’s the trillionaire king of dragons. And also my family’s mortal enemy. He’s a carnivorous hunter who will not stop until he seizes his prey. And now…
I’m the mother of his child.
But can I save everyone I love from my mate? Including me?
Almost every member of my family has pulled off happy endings against impossible odds. Now it’s time to find out if I can too.

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1. Her Dragon Captor

2. Her Dragon King


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