Her Dominant Boss Series by K. R. Max (.ePUB)

Her Dominant Boss Series by K. R. Max (.ePUB)

Her Dominant Boss Series by K. R. Max (2-3)
Requirements: epub reader, 132 kb
Overview: K.R. Max loves ice cream, big fluffy dogs, and stories where the woman finds her place with a super-hot guy who adores her. She specialises in dominant heroes and the sweet, innocent women who bring them to their knees!
Genre: Erotic


2. Max– I had such high hopes for today – a new promotion, my dream career – and then it all went to hell. But it’s hard to care right now, with a beautiful stranger’s hands and mouth leading me straight to heaven…
The last thing Max expects in an elevator is a beautiful woman with no interest in his money. After a brief but sizzling encounter, he’s even more surprised when she runs out on him. But then she appears in his office as his new temporary assistant, and this time he’s keeping her close, even if he has to tie her down, and that idea has all kinds of possibilities.
Shay knows better than to trust sharp-suited money men, but she can’t deny the…fringe benefits…of working with Max Lupin. This job is the gateway to her dream career, but experience has taught her she’ll never be enough to make a man stay. Can a billionaire and a broke nobody really have a shot at forever, or is this fling, like the job, just temporary?

3. Leo – One minute I’m heading to a new job, the next I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere. I should be panicking, but instead I’m lying across the hood of my car, coming apart from a stranger’s touch…
As the billionaire owner of the country’s largest classic car repair chain, Leo’s no stranger to beautiful cars, or beautiful women. Though he didn’t expect to meet both in the middle of the night, nor for said woman to bail in said car immediately after the hottest experience of his life. But just a few hours later, he discovers she’s his newest employee, and he’s going to show her the consequences of running. Delicious, dark and dirty consequences.
Bitter experience has taught Charlie that men don’t respect female mechanics. However, Leo’s…attention… is starting to make her wonder. This job could be everything she’s ever wanted, but he’s just passing through on a whistlestop tour of his properties. Can a grease monkey really go the distance with her billionaire boss, or will other people’s bitterness and jealousy tear them apart?

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