Hell’s Wolves MC Series by J.L. Wilder (.ePUB)

Hell’s Wolves MC Series by J.L. Wilder (.ePUB)

Hell’s Wolves MC Series by J.L. Wilder (0.5-6)
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Overview:J.L. Wilder likes wild things. Wild men. Wild bears. Wild wolves. Her best-selling shifter tales explore the wildness of sex, love, and shapeshifters.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


0.5 Omega’s Wolves – Omega females are only valued for their ability to breed.
The Hell’s Wolves MC are bad, dangerously bad.
They are on the outskirts of the shifter world,
and are known for being wild, reckless, and untrustworthy.
That’s why I know they are the only ones I can hire to protect me from him….
The only ones, that might save me from a life of breeding.

1. The Omega Games – An omega held against her will. To protect her, he must win the omega games—or watch her be bred by another.
All my life I’d been a lone wolf.
Drinking, hiding my inner beast.
Then I became second to the Alpha of the Hell’s Wolves MC.
That’s when she came into my life—the omega.
Now my sole purpose is to protect this sexy little wolf.
Even if it violates my alpha’s orders.
Those bastards think they can treat me like a breeding bag.
When the wolf moon comes and I’m in heat,
They’ll hold the omega games—with me as the prize.
What they don’t know is I’ll decide who gets my body, and my heart.
For me, there is only one.
And I need him so bad it hurts.

2. The Omega Purebred – No one ever taught me what to do if I was kidnapped. What did they expect? I am a rare omega purebred—the last of my line.
As an omega purebred of the wealthiest shifter family on the east coast, I was given three rules:
1.Stay in the house.
2.Always travel in groups.
3.Don’t go out at night.
Well, I didn’t listen to those rules, and now I’m in a world of trouble. I’m the world’s most wanted omega. Everyone wants to mate with me. But there is no one I have ever wanted….
I’m president of the Hell’s Wolves MC, the Itinerant Chapter. We travel from place to place doing difficult and dangerous jobs. I have no women and no children, and I like it that way. I just landed the best paying job of my life, rescue a kidnapped omega for a rich shifter family. A lot of what they say about omegas is myth, but there is one thing about them that is true—they are impossible to resist. And now I may have put myself and the Hell’s Wolves in a world of trouble.

3. Omega’s Triplets – Three triplets need to find a rare Omega,
to carry all their babies at once.
I had to keep my body healthy, smile, and look pretty.
It’s an Omega’s job to be charming.
I had to stay inside the house.
The world is not safe for a shifter like me.
But that didn’t stop the Death Fangs MC from kidnapping me for their auction.
So I stopped being charming.
I stopped doing what people told me to do.
I just barely escaped.
And now three brothers are protecting me.
They tried to steal my body once.
I never imagined, they could steal my heart.

4. Omega’s Second Chance – When I realized I was the Omega, I had to runaway. The alpha would have killed my beta. The alpha always claims what he wants…
I can’t stand living in the city. I feel the call of the wild in my bones. But I can’t go back to my pack.
I’m an omega in love with a beta. The alpha would kill him to claim me. The wolf inside of me must protect him by staying away.
I’m ashamed to be a member of the Hell’s Wolves MC. The alpha of our pack is letting it fall apart. What’s worse, is he has kidnapped her and brought her back to us. She’s locked in a cell, and I want nothing to do with her. How can I protect her when she ran from me? I could never challenge our alpha no matter how cold and heartless he has become. There is no alpha inside of me. I am nothing but a beta.

5. Bitten By The Wolf – I was a good girl. I always wanted to make everyone happy. Until I was bitten by the Wolf.
I didn’t want to come home. I’ve always given everyone whatever they’ve wanted, but I couldn’t give my husband babies. I’m infertile, with nothing of my own. Now I’m back on my parents ranch. And ever since I was bitten by the wolf, I’m changing. I can’t control myself anymore. I can’t be a good girl. Especially, when it comes to him.
My pack is on the hunt for an omega shifter. We need her for breeding. Until we find one, our alpha has no power. I should listen to my alpha and continue the search, but he can’t compel me. Ever since that human freed me from a rancher’s trap, she’s all I can think about. I crave to protect her. And the closer I get to her, the more she makes me feel that I’m the true alpha.

6. She-Alpha – I am the first She-alpha of my pack.
Ruling over wolves is in my blood.
But some don’t see it that way.
They think my only worth is for breeding.
A rival pack is invading our territory,
And I must show my strength.
By submitting to my greatest weakness….
The alpha of the Wild Grizzly’s MC.

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6. She-Alpha


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