Harem World – Part Three: A Forging by Nick Storming (.ePUB)

Harem World – Part Three: A Forging by Nick Storming (.ePUB)

Harem World – Part Three: A Forging by Nick Storming
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Overview: What would you do if you were transported to a fantasy world, stuck with a dangerous and sexy alien woman and given the magical powers of a Harem Mage?

Braden’s life was falling apart after walking in on his wife and best friend having an affair. However, a chance encounter while wandering in the woods and he finds himself trapped on a distant planet, in a new and powerful body overflowing with magical powers. He must learn about his new powers, learn about this new world and try to find a way back home to Earth while surviving the trials of Harem World!

Druska arrived on the lush and backwater world, her mission: to scout it for resources and opportunities on behalf of the Galactic Corporation. Seeing neither electrical nor nuclear technologies she feels safe to collect some surface samples. Disaster follows when she is set upon by a crazy old man in robes and his lightning flinging female friend…

Leesha was a humble elven princess, destined to give her life in sacrifice for her people. But inside her burns the heart of a sorceress! Born without the gift to touch magic her long elven life has been dull and lifeless. That will all change when she is rescued by the man who will become her love and master…

Miko lived a life of privilege as the Duke’s only daughter, but all she had ever wanted was the simple life of a warrior. Her father passed away and her mother would follow soon after. Her new step-father is a small-minded and venal man. Leaving Miko with no one, until she is rescued by a tall hero and his three gorgeous companions…
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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